Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15, 1862


Creator: Alvah Marsh
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865, Economic aspects -- Currency, Economic aspects -- Pay, Equipment and supplies, Michigan Infantry -- 7th, Military life -- Morale, Military personnel -- Cook, Military personnel -- Nurse, Social aspects -- Courtship, Social aspects -- Diet and food, Women -- Social life and customs, Letter-writing., Women--Finance, Personal.
Description: Alvah is serving as a cook for seven men, but it saving little money and is tired of the war. He asks his mother to send him money to buy boots, soft bread, and stamps. Lastly, Alvah briefly describes his correspondences with a couple women.
Date: October 15, 1862
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Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862, Page: 1

Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862
Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862

good evening mother and
father at home I am in
[from?] a waggon at Harpers Ferry
Bolivar Heights
Winsday October 15th 1862

Dear Mother
I take my pen in hand
to inform you that I am
well and hope you are
the same. I received two
papers from you the other
day and perused their
Contents with pleasure
I am in the best of health
I am cooking for 7 men so
you may judge how hard I
have to work it is fine
weather here yet I think it
is the finest fall weather I
ever saw no frost year it is
like the place in [Fork?] state
where unkel [Buttes?] used
to live high mountains all

Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862, Page: 2

Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862
Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862

around Oh this war if
you knew how sick I am of
it you would not want me
to ever say any thing about
it but it is of no use to
say one word about it but
lik old [Jim?] who got caught
in the trap grin and bear
the worst of it and I say
if I ever get out of it you
don’t catch me again
Mother it is [mos?] 4 months
since I have had one
cent of pay and I only saved
six dollars so I am out
of money some time ago
but I shall send you
twenty more next pay day
and I want you to send
me five dollars for to buy
some boots with and some
soft-bread with you may
send me one dollar in
Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862, Page: 3

Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862
Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862

stamps to you must send
united state mony with
all of the bad bills you
have got anything no matter
how poor for it will all go for
something to eat all that
I want is to get home as soon
as I can the longer I stay
the [illegible] I get
I cant think of any
thing to write of interest
I heard from Frank the
other day I heard that
he was a nurse in the
Hospital so he is on extra
duty off the field of battle
I do not think that your
boys are in very great danger
of Sesesh Bullets do you
you must keep up good spirits
for your boys are none of the
men who shirt shirk around
Home I would if I could
Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862, Page: 4

Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862
Alvah Marsh Letter: October 15 1862

I wrote a letter to
Mary Jacobson the other
day I do not know as
she will answer it if
she don’t I wont write
to her again tell her so
why you see her for me
tell sarah I want her
to send me her letters
she got from Mina
Hopkins for I want
to see if I have
not hard from them
in some time
now send me that money
as soon as you can
for I want it bad
tell me where to
write to Eddy for I do
not know
But I must close for it
is late write soon
from your dutiful son
A H Marsh [illegible] of Co. [E?]
7th Michigan [illegible]
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