Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31, 1864


Creator: Alvah Marsh
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865, Health aspects -- Illness, Hospitals, Medical care, Military personnel -- Nurse, Social aspects -- Courtship, Women -- Social life and customs, Letter-writing., Women--Social conditions.
Description: Alvah notes that he had small pox, but is now working as a nurse in the hospital ward. His duties consist mostly of handing out medicine and letters to patients. He goes on to inquire as to why his mother does not approve of a woman named Allie, who has been writing to Alvah.
Date: May 31, 1864
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Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864, Page: 1

Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864

Fairfax May 31st 1864

My Dear Mother
I take my pen to
write you a few lines in reply to
your kind letter it found me
well and I hope you are the same
I am at the Hospital yet at
the same place I have been so
long I am a nurse in the Ward
I have had the small Pox the
Surgeon Say and I did not
go to heal when I was sick
I heard from Frank some time
ago he is in Washington some
where I think I shall try to
go and see him if I can find
out where he is but he cant
write often to me for he writes
so much home but I had rather
he would write to you at home
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864, Page: 2

Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864

than to me I will tell you
of some of my doings I write
a great deal of my time I give
all of the medicine in the Ward
and see to the mail the rest of
the time I read and sleep
I wrote to Sarah a short time
since but have no rec any reply
I think she has forgotten me
I see one from S H the other
day and wrote a reply to it the
same day I will tell
you of my pay I tried to
get it the other day but
they only wanted to me pay me
2 months when I had eight
owed me and I would
not sign the rolls
I am almost crazy to think
I have not some money to send
you but if you can get along
one month more I shall
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864, Page: 3

Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864

More for you if you want
any thing go to Spaulding
and tell him that I will
soon pay him I shall be at
home in about 2 months
it is a little [illegible] but I soon
shall come home

Dear Mother as far Allie
I am not offended at you
for what your wrote only you
[any but?] to have wrote more
to me she writes some of the
best letters to me you ever saw
I do know that I have asked
her many questions and
she always told me the truth
in every case now will you tell me
where in She is so Bad if you
will it will have some weight on
my mind but I got one letter
from Fenton which tell so
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864, Page: 4

Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864
Alvah Marsh Letter: May 31 1864

Hard things of her and gave
no statement of what it was
that I think it made me think
more of her than before I do
not think she is a lady of
bad caracter yet I may not know
but I do know that I have
no reason to think Ill of her
as yet I write this in hopes
you will write more, the
next time ya write
with this I close I remain
your loving and
dutiful son
A H Marsh
write soon
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