Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20, 1863


Creator: Alvah Marsh
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865, Michigan Infantry -- 7th
Description: Alvah says that twenty of the forty five dollars he sent to his mother last payday was stolen. He suspects the culprit may be the brigade's postmaster, but he is not sure.
Date: March 20, 1863
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Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863, Page: 1

Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863
Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863

Falmouth March 20th

Dear Mother I take
my pen in hand to
inform you of my health
I am well at present
and hope you are the same
I see your kind letter of
the 22nd day of February and
was happy to hear from
you to hear that you was well
you wanted to know
how much money I had sent
home I do not know I sent
you 25.00 last pay day
I lost 20.00 of that I think
that our brigade Postmaster
stole the money for others
have lost some the same
way I lay it to him at
least I shall send no
Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863, Page: 2

Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863
Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863

more that way the next
I will send by express
if I get my pay I will send
you thirty or forty dollars
so you can
have some to help your
self with I am sorry that
I lost that for I
know that you need
it to use for your comfort
but if my life is spared
I will be home some
of these days to support
you keep up good courage
look at every thing
on the bright side
I am contented as long
as you are well
but if you are not
then I am home
sick but there is
Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863, Page: 3

Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863
Alvah Marsh Letter: March 20 1863

Some prospect of
this war soon being
settled ther is talk of
it among the rebs
now I hope they will
dont you
I had a letter from
Frank the other day
he says he never
had better but as my
ink is so poor I will
send you his letters
so you can read it
at your leisure

but as it is mail time
I will close for this
time fro I will
write to you soon
this from your son
A H Marsh
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