Havens Letter: August 1 1864


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: August 1, 1864
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Havens Letter: August 1 1864 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: August 1 1864
Havens Letter: August 1 1864

Near City Point Va
August 1st 1864

Dear Nell.
Yours of the 21st – 24th was
received Saturday last and although
I wrote you a long letter Friday I
will scratch off a few lines in reply
to yours. You will perceive by the
date of this that we have again took
up our old roving habits. Yes. we
commenced moving yesterday afternoon
you know we always do everything on
Sunday. We are now halted little
more than a mile from City Point
and about the same distance from
our camp when we were here before.
I suppose you would like to know what
we expect to do here. I will tell you. We ex
pect. within a week to see Washington:
Mind, I say we expect to see that place
Havens Letter: August 1 1864 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: August 1 1864
Havens Letter: August 1 1864

Our division is the only part of the
corps that is here and our train the only
one that left Light House Point and
Mr “They Say” says that we are going
to Maryland.. Large transports have lain
at City Point since last Wednesday.
and it is said the men and horses have
belonging to one brigade have already moved
shipped. The other two brigades moved
in that direction, and also one brigade
train. so that figuring the thing
down to the closest possible figures
we “make out” that we are going
“somewheres” Perhaps to Maryland.
perhaps to Texas. and who knows
but what we may be on our way
home. I dont. and if I did I dont
beleive I should be in any hurry to
tell.. If we do go to Maryland I’m
going to rusticate among the natives
a while. Im very partial to that part
of this unvierse. and the eatables espec
Havens Letter: August 1 1864 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: August 1 1864
Havens Letter: August 1 1864

We, or rather the Lieut Command
ing our company received a letter on
Saturday last containing most wel
come news to all of us. and. although
I presume it will be no news to you
I can not forbear sending it to you.
The letter was from George O’Brien
and in it he said he had received
a letter from Billy. written by
himself from the Hospitals of Richmond
in which Billy said he was all
right.. The ball struck him in the
right temple fracturing his skull
but not injuring his sight. I tell
you the news was right welcome
and took us all by surprise.
It has always seemed as though
he was not dead. but yet we could
not fully reason ourselves to beleive
that we should ever [illegible in original] hear
from him.. but now we have hopes
of seeing him again..
Havens Letter: August 1 1864 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: August 1 1864
Havens Letter: August 1 1864

The weather is most awful
hot, and we perhaps feel it more
than any one else. having lain so
long in the deep shade. There is
a good breeze stirring making
it be quite comfortable.. We have
to go nearly a mile for water.. and
nothing so very good then..
I’ve nothing more to write
this morning besides I dont feel
I very much like writing this morn
ing.. I thank you very much for
the long letter and lots of news
contained in it. Why cant you
write such oftener. Im not going
to apologize for this short letter fort
it is only an exceptions to prove the
general rule..
My best wises for the welfare
of all at home. Write soon
Ever Yours
Edwin R Havens

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