Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: July 10, 1864
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Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2), Page: 1

Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)

Light House Point Va
Sunday July 10th /64

Dear Nell
Tis Sunday again, and for
once it is observed as a day of rest. by all. There
is nothing to be done and after snoozing in my
tent all the morning I have finally spurred up
life enough to endeavor to answer yours of the 1st
received on Friday last; This is one of the hottest
days of this hot season and if any one is compelled
to be out today the heat and dust must almost
suffocate them. A slight breeze is just rising
and it is becoming more comfortable. We are hid
away in the woods where the sun can scarcely
reach us; and but little breeze either for that
matter; During the past week I have done
more than I have before. in the whole time since
leaving Culpepper. We have been furnishing the
command with clothing all of which we have
to get at City Point and I have been there three
days and helped in the office once, during the week
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2), Page: 2

Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)

It really seemed like old times at Stevens
burg. the most remarkable difference being that
in the weather and roads. Well, I wish you
could see our roads here at the present. I [think?]
I had seen dust at home but it was nothing
when compared with what we have here. The
dust is in some places almost hub deep. It is
not sand but real white clay dust soft as flour
and hot enough to roast any thing put in it.
A few showers have passed all around us
during the past week. but none of them have
[illegible in original] hit us; We have anxiously watched the clouds
as they gathered in the west and sailed all
around us and thought surely we must have
rain but we were disappointed: All signs fail in
a dry time you know.
As for news from the army we hear
none. They keep banging away at the rebs at
Petersburg yet but we hear no thing of their
accomplishments.. The movement towards
Maryland by the Johnnies does not create much
of an excitement here as it is thought that Genls
Couch. and Hunter and Sigel will be able
to take care of that section
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2), Page: 3

Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)

One division of the 6th Army Corps has been
sent there. They left here on the 6th inst. and by this
time must be where they can be called into work
on short notice. The dismounted cavalry or at
least a great portion of it was sent to Washington
at about the same time. One report says that
as soon as they reached there they were furnished
with Enfield rifles and accoutrements and un
der comand of Majors Briggs & Darling sent
to Harper’s Ferry. As to the Enfields and Harper’s
Ferry part of the report I can not say anything
for its truth.. but that Majors Brigs and Darling are
in command of Camp Stonemen. (Dismounted
camp near Washington) or were but a short time ago
I know to be true.. “Our Briggs” has run up in ranks
like an ill weed during the last six months.. At
the promotion of Capt Walker to Major he was pro
moted to Capt. of our company and shortly after.
that is; on the death of Major Granger was pro
moted to Major. It was thought for a time that
he would be Lieut. Col; and according to all accounts
his chances were excellent. but a few days ago. word
was received at the regt that Major Brewer of the
1st Mich had been promoted to Lt Col of our regt,
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2), Page: 4

Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: July 10 1864 (2)

He commanded the regt during the last
raid to Trevillion Station and is known to be
an excellent officer.. but nearly all of the men think
it rather unfair to have a commander appointed from
another regiment.. Troops whose term of service has
expired are still going home every few days. One
New York regiment left City Point yesterday
morning for home. A great many of those belonging
to the 1st Mich Cav. who did not ^ enlist will soon
have served their three years. Many of them have but
little more than a month to remain yet. and I have
heard some of them calculating the number
of Hard Tacks they have yet to eat in Uncle Sam’s
service. I almost wish my time was as near
out.. as some of theirs.. Fifteen months seems a long
time when you look ahead to it but it wears
away before you are really prepared for it.. One more
winter and then how time will fly.. I am well
as ever again now that we have plenty to eat and
everything that we need.. I wish I was there
to go to Sunday school and see the “Duck” this
afternoon.. My best wishes for all Write soon..
Your Brother
Edwin R Havens

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