Havens Letter: July 10 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: July 10, 1864
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Havens Letter: July 10 1864, Page: 1

Havens Letter: July 10 1864
Havens Letter: July 10 1864

Light House Point Va
Sunday July 10th 1864

My Dear Mother
Yours of last Sunday
came to hand last night and thinking I would have
no better opportunity of answering it than the present
I will try to write a short note in reply.. I need
not tell you what pleasure your letters always give
me. although I was sorry to hear that this warm weather
affects you so. And yet if the weather is one half so warm
there as here I hardly know how you live there.. I have
never suffered so much with the heat as I have during
the past month and I often thank my stars that
I am not obliged to work under this scorching sun.
I often think of the folks at home working in the
fields and wonder if it is as hot there as here..
There is but little to write at the present time and
I have written all to Nell. I think there was some
new move made yesterday: but what it was or
what object it has I have not heard.. A great many
are speculating on the chances of Gen Grant
Havens Letter: July 10 1864, Page: 2

Havens Letter: July 10 1864
Havens Letter: July 10 1864

throwing a force between Richmond and Peters
burg thus almost surrounding Petersburg and thus
separating the two places.. The indications I noticed
of a move yesterday would promise such a move as
this. as several pontoon bridges were sent out towards
the front. probably to cross the Appomattox river..
Our cavalry is now lying in camp and many
think we will receive pay for the past four months
which is now due us: but I think we will have to
remain here sometime yet before we can get it. as
the pay rolls for the last two months were sent out
in this morning’s mail. We may get pay for March
and April this coming week but I do not expect
it. All hands have been busy the past week clothing
the army. and City Point has been a very busy little
place. We have supplied our brigade with every
thing and the men look quite well in their new
clothes. We have also been living on the fat
of the land.. The Sanitary Commission has fur
nished us with a large supply of vebetables. such
as pickled onions. and green ones. cabbages. new potatoes
beets. pickled cucumbers etc. and we are also receiving
from our commissary rations of soft bread. beans
potatoes and many other things which we
Havens Letter: July 10 1864, Page: 3

Havens Letter: July 10 1864
Havens Letter: July 10 1864

have not received before, since leaving Culpepper
Blackberries. raspberries and straw dew
berries have been growing in large quantities. all
around us but are now nearly all gone.. We
had a blackberry dumpling for dinner last Friday
Not such a one as I would have had at home
yet it was a dumpling and as such we ate it..
There are a good many orchards around us
and the trees are all full of fruit. Peaches are
nearly full grown and a month from now will
be quite eatable at least they will do to cook..
We find no early apples. I have not seen an early
ripe apple. this season. and the late ones seem to be
mere seedlings. There seems to be no pains taken
to cultivate good varieties of fruit:
Gen. Custer’s wife made him a visit last week. but
staid only one night.. We thought by this that a move
was about to take place. but it has not taken place
yet. It is rumored that Gen. Custer is to take command
of the 3d Division. the same commanded by Gen. Kilpat
rick.. If he does this our brigade will go back to the
old division as it is understood that he will not
take command of any division unless he can have
his brigade with him. and his men would not feel

Havens Letter: July 10 1864, Page: 4

Havens Letter: July 10 1864
Havens Letter: July 10 1864

so much like fighting under any other commander
Gen Torbert who commands our division is a
splendid officer and is well liked by all. He
has not the dash that characterized Gen Kilpatrick’s
movements. but is still a skillful and efficient
Why does’nt Father write oftener? It has
been a long time since I have had a letter from
him. I have not had a letter from Isom since
leaving Culpepper and until recently have heard
nothing concerning Melinda’s health.. What is there
new in Buchanan. Your letters are all very good
as far as news from home is concerned. but never contain
any news from Buchanan and as I have no correspon
dent there I know nothing concerning the place and
its inhabitants. Cant some of you find something
new to tell of there: There is a rumor that the
remaining regts of our brigade (5th 6th & 7th) will have
an opportunity to re enlist as soon as they have served
two years. and receive $900 bounty and 30 days
furlough. So perhaps I may be home next winter
after all.
But I will close as I have written
more than I thought I should when I
commenced.. Give my best wishes to all the
neighbors and accept for yourself the fervent
prayers for your health. of
Your Affectionate Son
Edwin R. Havens

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