Havens Letter: March 2 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: March 2, 1864
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Havens Letter: March 2 1864 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: March 2 1864
Havens Letter: March 2 1864

[Written upside down on top of Scan 1]

We have unloaded again and think
of staying over night again. It is outrageous
mean to make us get up before day light. Ed


Stevensburg Va
March 2nd 1864

Dear Father and Mother
Your welcome
letter of Feb. 23d came to hand
last evening and having nothing
of any great importance to do. I
will try to answer it..
The expected movement of which
I spoke in my note of Sunday
evening commenced at the appoin
ted time and I presume, “Old Kill”
is now somewhere in the vicinity
of Richmond. He crossed at
Ely’s Ford. and captured a squad
of pickets numbering about 20,
among whom was a Capt. and I
have been told a Lieut.. who
when captured were quietly.
sleeping in a house near their post,
Havens Letter: March 2 1864 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: March 2 1864
Havens Letter: March 2 1864

The last heard from him
he had passed Spottsylvania Court
House. between 40 & 50 mile from
here. and had it was said taken
about 140 prisoners without meeting
any considerable force of the enemy..
We had a big scare here this
morning about four O’clock.. The
Officer of the Day reported that
the enemy were crossing the river
at Germania Ford in large force
and we were ordered to get every
thing ready at once to move at
a moments notice.. We did not
tear down our “Shanties” but had
everything packed so that we
could move as soon as the order
to do so was given. About 9 O’clock
everything had grown quiet again
no. enemy had made their appear
ance, and orders were given to un
hitch and feed and there we
stand. everything being loaded
Havens Letter: March 2 1864 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: March 2 1864
Havens Letter: March 2 1864

yet.. Various reports keep coming
in. it seems that about two
companies of the “johnnies” crossed
the river this morning. when some
infantry belonging to the 2nd Corps
attacked them and drove them
back and captured about forty
prisoners Gen Custer who had
command of a separate expedi
tion which went in another di
rection from that taken by Kil
patrick returned this morning.
Report says that he [struck?] the
R R. somewhere beyond [illegible in original]
and had quite a severe fight
with Stuarts Cavalry. and destroy^
a bridge and tore up the track be
fore returning.. Yesterday was a
very rainy day and last night
it stormed snow and sleet nearly
all night. and you can believe
that it was not very pleasing to
think we must be turned out of
Havens Letter: March 2 1864 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: March 2 1864
Havens Letter: March 2 1864

doors at such a time. But for
all we were so frightened we could
not hear a bugle or drum from the
infantry camps and we waited
in vain for the sound of a cannon.
It has been a beautiful day and
I daresay will be so after our
men get back into camp and until
some movement is again com
menced. The teams that went
out Monday morning have just re
turned.. The went out some eight
miles beyond James. City. and re
mained all day yesterday.. and
started back at night..
I hope Nell will not be induced
by anyone to enlist but that he
will come home and stay till
I get back.. I am glad to learn
that you are in such good health
and spirits. My health is good as
ever again and your letters are
fast raising my spirits. I cant
ask you to answer all my letters
but I do really like to hear from
home at least twice a month.
So write as often as you can.
Yours Truly. E R Havens
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