Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 24, 1864
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Relation: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 1, Folder 18
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Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2), Page: 1

Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)

Stephensburg Va
Sunday. Jan. 24th/64

Dear Nell:
Yours was received last evening
and I have seated myself to answer. although
it is yet less than a week since I wrote you.
I have the same old story to begin with. Nothing
new, which I repeat, as it takes up space and
gives me a better chance to fill up the sheet..
Our “January Thaw” has been in progress. since
I wrote you before and we are now deep in the
profound mysteries of mud, soft. thin mud. thick
hard and stiff mud. and mud of all colors.
We have been favored with clear, sunny days,
not really cold enough to make overcoats or even
Jackets necessary. a blouse Keeping one warm
enough for comfort.. Although I should
like very much to be where we could be together
often. I am glad you are not here with me. at
least as a soldier. half of one family is enough
to be in the service at a time.
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2), Page: 2

Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)

I beleive I am as patriotic as the law
requires one to be; but I’m not so much a fana
tic as to want every body to become a soldier be-
cause I am.
I suppose you have met some of our
old Veterans that are now home. Did you ever
hear of one Oscar Elliott of the 1st Cav. who used
to be a devotee of Miss C. [Price?]. Well he reen
listed and is now making a visit to a sister in
Buchanan. I received a letter from him a
couple of days ago. (I had made his acquain
tance by accident in November and as we were
very near each other. became quite intimate) in which
he said he was enjoying himself “right smart.”
He is a “bully fellow” and somewhat inclined “to
go in on his [mus?]” there. and as I used to think
him “O.K” I would’nt wonder if George. and
Liberty had to “Get Back.”
There is a rumor that the 5th 6th & 7.th will
have a chance to re enlist at the next Pay Day.
and get the bounty and furlough allowed by
the Gov.. I dont beleive it. for various reasons
but it affords a chance for speculations of what
we will do if such should be the case.

Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2), Page: 3

Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)

Circumstances at the time the chance is
afforded us will determine my acceptance or
refusal of the offer.
Two Sergts of our Co. together with one from each
company in the regt start for Mich. tomorrow
morning to recruit. One of them is from Niles. His
name is Chas. A Pratt. a brother of the one
who used to keep the Jewelry Store there.
Capt Walkers Father from New York
is making him a visit at present.
Gen Kilpatrick returned last night after
an absence of a few days occasioned by the
loss of his only son and last remaining mem
ber of his family. His wife died in November
I beleive. I will send you a picture of
him taken from a Photograph. soon after
our return from Md. I sent our folks
one sometime ago which is more natural
in feature but the attitude of this is “Old
Kill” all over. He looks just so all the
time. As though he was on a “bust.” and
one of the biggest kind at that.
Gen. Custer and Staff start for
Michigan tomorrow on a leave of 30 days
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2), Page: 4

Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 (2)

The little Gen is going to take unto
himself a wife from among the fair
daughters of Mich.. If I could see you
I could tell you enough of his pranks to
make your sides ache to laugh at them He
is full of fun and likes a joke as well as
the best of them. It was reported a spell ago
that he was going to leave us. and the
boys all hated it. I never saw men like
a commander as well, his brigade does
him. Col Mann has just returned to
the regiment. after an absence of nearly
three months. The boys will all welcome
him as they have been dogged around
by so many different commanders that
they are getting about tired out. Capt
Wells has also returned this evening.
It is so confounded dark that
I can hardly see the paper or the words
after writing them and if you are able
to read this scrawl. I shall be thankful.
Cousin Helen bade me tell Melinda
that she was anxiously looking for a letter from
her. and so am I. Hope she will write to both
Ever Yours Ed
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