Havens Letter: January 24 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 24, 1864
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Havens Letter: January 24 1864 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: January 24 1864
Havens Letter: January 24 1864

Stevensburg Va
Sunday January 24th /64

Dear Father
Yours of the 16th came to hand
last evening. and although I have nothing
of interest to write I have seated my self
with the intention of answering it..
It found me enjoying the best of health
and well pleased to find you were enjoying
the same. The weather since I last wrote
you has been beautiful. yet more mild than
I should be pleased to see it. as it is a
little too muddy to be entirely agreeable.
The papers you promised me have thus
far come regularly and I have received
three within the past week. Two Chicago and
one Detroit paper. and I can assure they have
done me more good than anything I have
received excepting letters in a long time
We occasionally procure papers from the
army News Boys. who sell. such as the N.Y. Herald

Havens Letter: January 24 1864 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: January 24 1864
Havens Letter: January 24 1864

Philadelphia Inquirer. Baltimore American
or Washington Chronicle. There with the
exception of the Herald are to use a common
phrase. “Hound on the goose” i e. Union. and
even that is more mild in its opposition than
I had been brought to believe. You no doubt
have heard all the rumors concerning Lee’s
reinforcing Longstreet. the throwing up of breast
works on the banks of the Rapidan. and seeing
every day
the papers ^ can form some more correct opinions
as to the [illegible in original] truth of them than I can.. Rebel
deserters frequently pass by our camp. on their
way to the Provost Marshal Gens office. many
of them come to the pickets of our own regts
They are mostly poorly clad. and are especial
ly destitute of overcoats. One who came over last
week said that he had been with a squad of twelve
who had but one overcoat among them, and that
the one who stood at the post wore it till releived
when he gave it to the next one. He came on
post. soon after midnight and after the others
went to sleep. stuck his gun in the ground
and came over. A squad of six passed throug^
our camp a few days ago. and but one had an
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: January 24 1864
Havens Letter: January 24 1864

Our army is well supplied with every thing
except Trowsers. and especially those for Cav.
During this month over 900 Prs have been
called for. for our Brig. and as yet not a
pair can be procured. It is said there are
none in Washington.. Another Regt or part
of one (the 1st Vt).. from our Brig left for home the
fore part of last week.. They have been receiving a
number of new recruits during the past week also. amount
ing in all to somewhere near three hundred.
It is rumored that our three remaining regts
5th 6th & 7th will have the opportunity to reenlist and
receive the bounties and furloughs. of the Gov. offered to
them at the next pay. day. the 1st of March. I cant
believe it, because I cant see the policy of the Gov.
in doing this. If the offer is ever made us. cir
cumstances at that time will determine whether
I will accept it and become a “Veteran” or not..
I am glad to know that you are like Mr.
Elliott as I, think him one of the best fellows
I ever knew. I received a letter from him the
night before last. in which he said he had met
you.. I was sorry to see him re enlist as
seven months more would set him free. and
if he should try he could easily get his discharge
Havens Letter: January 24 1864 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: January 24 1864
Havens Letter: January 24 1864

Two Sergts from our company start for
Michigan tomorrow to recruit. for our regt
One of them is from Niles. He is a brother of
S.N. Pratt who used to keep a Jewelry Store
in Niles.. Several commissioned officers among
them Capt Walker might have gone. but they got
into quite a quarrel among themselves about it
the consequence of which was none will go now.
Capt Walker.s Father is making him a vis it
now. I met him last night and was much
pleased with his appearance. He lives in Orleans
County New York. I think..
About that commission business. circumstances have
changed so since I first wrote concerning it that I now
feel quite unconcerned about it. If I remain in the Quarter
Master’s office long enough to become thoroughly acquainted
with the business I can procure my discharge from the
service on those grounds alone. and yet remain in Gov
employ at a salary of from 75. to 100. dollars. Pr. month
and as the Quarter Masters business will last as long as
the Gov. does. an opening for life will thus be made.
It is, I think, unnecessary for me to say that I ^ sought
to induce the Capt to give me the place. you know me
well enough to know. that I never court any bodys favor
or at least do not fawn and flatter them to procure it.
I enlisted with the intention. and expectation of serving
through the war. as a soldier in the ranks. and I believe
the only true heroes of the war. are the rank and file of the army
But as some one must serve the country in these capacities
Do you blame me for accepting the chances of a perma
nent and honorable p occupation for life
Ever Your Devoted Son
Edwin R Havens
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