Havens Letter: November 23 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 23, 1863
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Havens Letter: November 23 1863, Page: 1

Havens Letter: November 23 1863
Havens Letter: November 23 1863

Stevensburg VA
November 23d 1863

Dear Father and Mother.
Not knowing
how soon I may again have an oppor
tunity of penning you a few lines I seize
the present time for that use. I have
received no answer to either of my last
letters. but do not feel much disappoin
ted [illegible in original] as it has been hardly
long enough for an answer to reach me.
I am suffering somewhat, at present,
with a cold cough and sore throat, but
which as yet has not unfitted me
for duty and I do not think it will.
We are having excellent weather for
the time of year. and talk of winter quar
ters in this neighborhood has about died
out and all are expecting a move to
be made by tomorrow. and nearly all
Havens Letter: November 23 1863, Page: 2

Havens Letter: November 23 1863
Havens Letter: November 23 1863

think it will be a forward move
ment. and the majority point to the
peninsula below Yorktown as our new
field of operations. No positive march
ing orders have as yet been received
but preparations that are always
made before a move have been
in progress for several days and are
still under way. Useless and worn
out horses are being turned in to the
Quarter masters and new serviceable
ones being drawn. New clothing is
being issued and all superfluous
baggage is ordered to be turned in or
destroyed. Regimental trains are
ordered to carry ten days rations of
crackers but no pork. I suppose
it is intended that the brigade
trains will carry more than the
usual amt of pork and other rations
than they usually do. Our train
has been reduced in size by the rejection
of all four mule teams and using
Havens Letter: November 23 1863, Page: 3

Havens Letter: November 23 1863
Havens Letter: November 23 1863

the mules they rejected to make six
mule teams of Horses for draft
purposes are not allowed they being
required for cavalry and artillery
purposes. Yesterday the Inspector
Gen of our division visited the [illegible in original]
and ordered all Wall tents except
one for Brig. Q.M. turned in the
regimental Q.Ms being confined to
“A” tents and enlisted men to
shelter tents. [illegible in original] are to be
[three words illegible in original] away and
each mans baggage reduced till
it can be easily carried on his
horse. This is cutting all pretty
close and [illegible in original] especially at
the season of the year where more
than ever we need the comfort of
good tents and plenty of blankets
and clothing.
It is rumored that the infantry
will commence moving tonight
and this looks probably as their
Havens Letter: November 23 1863, Page: 4

Havens Letter: November 23 1863
Havens Letter: November 23 1863

[illegible in original] corps is busy constructing a
bridge over the creek near us. It [will?]
go to the peninsula we may gain a
south easterly course past Falmouth
and Fredericksburg crossing the [illegible in original]
[illegible in original] its mouth and that Rapidan
[illegible in original] at Fredericksburg or Port Ryoal
I heard one or two cannons this
morning but do not think it any
thing more than the rebs shelling
some of our picket posts. The [cav?]
[illegible in original] to Culpepper, but we receive
supplies from Brandy Staton [illegible in original] miles
from here and 5 from Culpepper..
Col. Mann has been absent from the
regiment for some time trying to get a
new cartridge box of his own invention ac
cepted by the war department. [illegible in original]
[illegible in original] with the approvals [illegible in original] Genls
Custer, Kilpatrick, Pleasanton and Meade
he has succeeded in his object and 3000
of the horses have been ordered by the
next deportment. He also has a scheme
for what he calls a “Buggy Brigade”
It is to consist of men who use [trains?]
with the Spencer [illegible in original] rifles with
bayonets and his cartridge boxes they
are to accompany and be supported by
cavalry and used as skirmishers on
foot. This is also approved by the above
named officers and meets [good?] approval
at head quarters in Washington but has
not as yet been accepted.
I received a letter from Cousin Helen
a few days since. She [represents?] her
[illegible in original] health as very poor this
fall and fears for her life..
Hoping to hear from you soon and
hastening to assure you of the love
and affection of your son. I close
Edwin R Havens

[Written on left-hand side of Scan 4]
[Written?] [illegible in original] for September and October [illegible in original]

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