Havens Letter: August 22 1863


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: August 22, 1863
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Collection Number: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 1, Folder 13
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Relation: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 1, Folder 13
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Havens Letter: August 22 1863 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: August 22 1863
Havens Letter: August 22 1863

[Written upside down on top of Scan 1]

I have just been talking with Chet
Calvin and was shown the ball with
which he was wounded. it is a large minnie
Rifle ball and on striking the bone shattered
[one?] side gone. Chet is unfit for duty and always
will be. Poor fellow I wish he was at home.


This is a quaint old relic of
times in Washington’s day. and in
looking upon this you can form
some idea of things in Virginia..
Every House. barn, fence or tree is of
this cast. a century behind our new
States and it affords a [theme?] for much
reflection to view them. I should like
to have you visit with me these
places. after the war is over. the people
too are in looks and appearance
use as far behind our own [is?] their country.
I can not take a fancy to the long
lean [illegible in original] beings we met here and
who pass for young ladies. I like
young. fresh and blooming damsels
but when every one you meet is either
on the Matilda [Rugg?] order. or else like
Polly [Paintir?] count me out.
It was reported that the rebs were
yesterday falling back towards Mary
land. and it was thought Lee would
try his luck then again. I would
not mind visiting Maryland and
Penna again and having more time
now to [illegible in original] I should enjoy my
self better than before. I remember many
sweet faces that welcomed us there last
July and I long to look upon them
again and eat their bread butter pumkin
pies and apples. Golly I should think
myself in [illegible in original] third heavens then..
Others think Lee is going into
Western Virginia and I believe this is
nearer the truth. I would like to
go into some other part of the
country to winter besides Eastern
Virginia. I have seen enough
of it.. Fairfax is the same old plan
and seems a little like home.
On our way here we passed several
of our old camps. Wolfs Run Shoals among
the number.
Havens Letter: August 22 1863 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: August 22 1863
Havens Letter: August 22 1863

I am glad to hear that you
stick to your work so well and wish
you the best of success [illegible in original] to
the [course?] you have most [illegible in original]
you will do well. Too many friends
are almost as bad as none at all.
I received a letter from Father
a few days since. He gave substantially
the same reason for leaving home that
you did. and though I would probably
have done differently from what you
did I can not blame you much.
Neither can I blame him but little
he said much in the heat of his anger
that he afterwards repented. He said he
did not blame you much as he thought
[Geo?] and Jim Lee had been much more
to blame in coaxing you away so much
than you were in going. He said too
that you went so much that your health
was poorer than it had even been for
ten years and that he could not bear to have
you work when ill nor could he bear to
lose the work. I hope that all will yet
be well and that we may yet spend
many happy hours at home.
Leave all such associates as Jim
Lee. I am not the best in the world
but I was always ashamed to
[admit?] the company with him
George I always thought was much
better. I received a letter from Newt
Stephens a few days ago. He was in
the fight at Chattanooga the 19th and 20th
of Sept. I also had one from [illegible in original] Lee
[illegible in original]Will Kelley. containing the [illegible in original]
[illegible in original] of news. No letters from Rene yet.
I received letters a few nights ago from
Aunt Jeannette and Cousin Helen. Letters
from the [illegible in original] speak of a big dance at
Al. Bates where there was an awful
crowd. Also of the marriage of Nancy
[illegible in original]. Boys and myself all well
Wrote Melinda a few days since.
Write soon.
E R Havens [Penciled in Aug 22 1863]

[Written on left side of Scan 2]

This is the only envelope I have at hand. It repre

[Written on the top of Scan 2]

sents a familiar scene of olden times at

[Written on right side of Scan 2]

Grand Rapids.
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