Havens Letter: 1863


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 1863
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Relation: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 1, Folder 9
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Havens Letter: 1863 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: 1863
Havens Letter: 1863

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We have at present a very
nice place for a camp being sit
uated in a little pine grove
of perhaps a dozen years growth
the boughs of which mak us the
nicest beds imaginable. and
I do not know as I would even
change beds with you. although
I would like a clean cotton sheet
to sleep under. just now..
A large cleared field affords
us a good drill ground and
yesterday forenoon we had bat
talion drill. and this morning
Havens Letter: 1863 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: 1863
Havens Letter: 1863

general review and inspection
of everything.. We are encamped
near the 13th Vt Infantry and
waited some half an hour for
them as they were holding the
same and occupying the ground..
These Vermont regiments are
all nine months volunteers
and their term of enlistment
expires in June and July..
They are fine looking men
(not boys) and presented a splen
did appearance on inspection
this morning.. The weather
is fine and it is very warm
today.. and where there are
roads they are good.. There
are plenty of fish in the river
and our boys are luxuriating
on them at present. they make
a very good meal taken with
a few hard tack.. I sometimes
wish I could be at home to
Havens Letter: 1863 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: 1863
Havens Letter: 1863

eat about 50 of mothers warm
biscuits and a dozen or two of
eggs.. but then I beleive I en
joy myself here as happily
as most of my friends at home.
although theres no place like
home after all.
It is expected that some of
our companies will be sent
out on a raid this week. in
fact four or five have received
orders to prepare for a four
days drill preparatory to going.
I like to be moving around
and never enjoy myself better
than when doing so, but I think
we need more drill, especially
in some kinds of marching
such as by platoons. and in
line as a company and also
in firing mounted. for I have
never yet fired my pistol from
my horse’s back..
Havens Letter: 1863 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: 1863
Havens Letter: 1863

I recd a letter from Newt Steph
ens last night but you have doubt
less heard all it contained ere this
I also recd one from Civilian Lee
and Will Kelley. Newt Sparks
is yet unable to duty and with
three or four others of our com
pany remained at our camp at
Fairfax C.H. I wanted to go
back to camp today but could
not and do not think I
shall go at all now.. I am
glad to see that there is more
life than usual in your neigh
borhood and hope we shall soon
be with you to enjoy the good times.
I shall look anxiously for
a letter from some of you at
least once a week and hope
you will not disappoint me
My love to Father and
Mother and compliments to
all friends..
Your Affectionate Brother
Edwin R Havens

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