Havens Letter: April 1863


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 1863
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Havens Letter: April 1863 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: April 1863
Havens Letter: April 1863

[Penciled in on top of Scan 1 [April, 1863] ]

Everything seems to indicate
extensive operations for a forward
movement which may take place
before long. Large bodies of troops
are being concentrated near here.
We are brigaded with the 5th
and 6th under Brig Genl Cope
land and near us are the 1st
and 5th New York. Cavalry and
the 18th Penn. cav. the 7th Mich
Battery and several detachments
of infantry..
In what direction the
movements will be made I
do not know. nor dare I can
picture.. It seems to be the
opinion of all whom I have
heard speak of it that we
shall shun Fredericksburg
in our passage across the
Havens Letter: April 1863 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: April 1863
Havens Letter: April 1863

Among the letters I received
yesterday I was much surprised
to find one from Wilber Fuller
who is at Middleburg in Tenn.
He says the soldiers there, as all
true soldiers every where are, are
down on the copperheads [of?] the
north “tooth and toe nail”
I just wish we could be
turned loose among them once..
some of them would forever
cease their infernal secession
doings. Why dont the loyal men
turn out “en masse” and give
them Jesse. are the loyal men
all dead? It would seem so.
I am glad to see by your
writings that you are enjoying
yourself so well.. That is
right. Go ahead. we will
be home before many years
and then things will have
to stand around for a time
Havens Letter: April 1863 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: April 1863
Havens Letter: April 1863

Many are complaining
of the hard times and say
“If I were only out of this I’d
stay out..” Not so with me..
There is but one thing I
hate to do and that does
not come very often: to wit “Guard
duty.. If I were free I verily
believe that should not loose
much time before I was again
in the army. I have spent
many happy hours here.. and
so long as I have good health
I hope to spend many more
happy ones. Although I often
miss many of the pleasures of
home. I think I am more
contented than I would be if
I were there for then I could
not feel that I was doing
my duty to my country.. But
Nell let me advise you never
to talk or think of enlisting

Havens Letter: April 1863 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: April 1863
Havens Letter: April 1863

Your nature could not and
would not brook what we have
to bear many times.. As for me
it is my nature to submit to some
one else s will. My own will is not
strong enough to combat with those
in power above me and I can
content myself to be a slave
much better than you could..
I have not heard anything
from [Isom?] and Melinda
since I was home: I wrote
them soon after coming to Wash
ington but have received no
answer. I shall write to aunt
Jeannette at my earliest op
Let me again remind
you that letters are the most
necessary articles of a soldiers
life. and entreat you to shower
them with a bountiful hand..
I feel anxious to hear from
Father and Mother. not that
I doubt their affection and
solicitude for me in the least.
But a few words occasionally
are truly god sends.
My love to all. Write soon
and direct as before
Your Brother
E R Havens
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