Havens Letter: April 1 1863


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 1, 1863
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Havens Letter: No Date (2), Page: 1

Havens Letter: No Date (2)
Havens Letter: No Date (2)

The rebs were not driven
from their positions on Clarke
Mountain at Raccoon and Mortons
Fords any great length of time.
Our division crossed at these
points three successive morn
ings and returned again on
Saturday driving the enemy four
or five miles and in turn
being driven by them. Our regt
during these actions lost two
men to wounded and three
prisoners. our Co: none.
As I said before the
troops in returning resumed
their old positions and with
but little shifting still
retain them and are now
preparing winter quarters..
Gen Meade has his Hd Quarters
Havens Letter: April 1 1863 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: April 1 1863
Havens Letter: April 1 1863

Mosely and after a short skirmish was
defeated with a loss of 1 Capt 2 Lieuts and 7 men
Killed 2 wounded and 120 taken prisoner..
Capt Mosely was killed in a hand to hand
combat with the Vt Capt who was immediately
shot by some of the rebels.. A report is being cir
culated that Richmond has been evacuated
but it is not generally credited. If it is true
it is done only from some policy and will
result in concentrating the troops that
have held that place with some other body
to oppose Hooker in his advance movement.
which it is thought will take place as soon
as the weather will permit. I had heard
nothing of the exploit of Averills forces. yet
such things might have been done within a few
miles of here without our knowing anything
about it.. Neither have I heard of the falling
back of the rebels from Fredericksburg.
It is thought that Hooker will shun
that place in crossing the Rappahannock
of those who have seen the place say that
it is almost impregnable.. The conscript
act gives the soldiers pleasure as they feel that the
Copperheads may now be reached.. and if they can
be brought to a realizing sense of thinking to the
government and be made to do that this war can
be brought to close very speedily..
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Havens Letter: April 1 1863
Havens Letter: April 1 1863

Co “B” of our regiment has gone out on
picket duty on the “pike” 5 or 6 miles west
of here. Our company was called out Friday
night at midnight to look up some fourmen
who came into camp on the countersign and
talked with the Officer of the Guard awhile. who
after they had gone reported to Cap Walker who was
Officer of the Day when he, thinking they might
have been spies sent the company after them
We were gone some two hours but found nothing
of them.. The 5th & 6th Mich. Cav. sent to the front
Friday, and last night report came in that
they were fighting. Ours is at present the only
regt very near here and we have to be on the
alert at all times as Stuart and White are like the
Dutchmans flea, turn up where we least expect
them. I received a letter from McGowan afew days
ago. He wrote but little but was quite well.
I am glad you wrote me and hope
you may be pleased to write oftener than you
have done I shall expect to hear from both you
and Mother soon.. I begin to realize the benefit
of the large blanket I brought from home with me.
as without it it would be a hard matter to
keep warm these cold nights.
I will answer Nell’s when we have some
thing more to write.
My love to all the folks and write
soon. Direct to Washington
Your Affectionate Son
Edwin R Havens
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