Havens Letter: January 27 1863


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 27, 1863
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Havens Letter: January 27 1863 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: January 27 1863
Havens Letter: January 27 1863

No 21st

Lee Barracks
January 2[7th?]/63

Brother Nell
Your most welcome let
ter came to hand a day or two since
and having a little spare time this even
ing I will write you a few lines.
I have a little news to write now
The mud is about 6 inches deep, some
thing that has not been for nearly
two weeks, we were favored with
a few days of mud and snow mixed,
we cant call it sleighing although
a few sleighs run while it lasted.
The machinery of the “Glorious Seventh”
is becoming a little shaky, and cogs are
slipping badly, among its complicated
structure. Col. Mann is growing
decidedly unpopular on account of
his one sided, small minded, close
fisted ideas of the way men should
be controlled. I ought to write nothing
concerning him, but I cant help it
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Havens Letter: January 27 1863
Havens Letter: January 27 1863

For my own part I can not say
that I fare any worse than I expected
to when I enlisted, but I have always
endeavored to do my duty, as a gentle
man and a soldier, and to do that, one
occupies his time so thoroughly that he
finds no time for any thing else.
On accounts of orders given this after
noon by Col. Mann which were obnoxious
to many of the men, and which I must
say emanated from no sensible man. A
perfect meeting has been going on in camp
this evening. The order was to the effect
that no more passes would be given to
themselves to show
any men, a great many took it upon ^ Col.
Mann that they could go to the city
passes or no passes and about a hundred
went out in a body with their Sabres
on. I cant say that I uphold them
or think this the proper way to claim
or demand justice, on the contrary I
feel hmore like submit to all rules our
commanders see fit to make that do
not cruelly deprive me of life.
I expected to make a slave of myself
when I enlisted and I have not been
disappointed, and so far can bear everything
Havens Letter: January 27 1863 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: January 27 1863
Havens Letter: January 27 1863

I do not find much more confining
than it was in the store, the greatest dif
ference is that I can not so safely nor
honorably quit. Do not think that I
am getting sick of the business, for I
never liked anything better, and think
the best thing I ever did was enlisting.
It agrees with me wonderfully. I can
eat about as much pork and beans as
the next man. I say man because I begin
to considerable myself a man. While in
the commissary department the other day
I stepped upon the scales placing the
weight at 130, but found that it would
not balance at any thing less than 141 ½
Can You beat that in the same
length of time.
The new companies have been mus
tering in during the last three days, and
some of them receiving some money. When
we shall get any is not known.
Everything would seem to show that
we were going to leave soon. But I hope
to see you before we leave, and think
there is plenty of time for you to make
us a good long visit.
Havens Letter: January 27 1863 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: January 27 1863
Havens Letter: January 27 1863

Furloughs are done away with or
at least I cant get one. Capt Walker
informed me so the other night
and jokingly said he was glad of it. In reply
I told him I should desert but he
doesnt watch me very close, and I
guess dont fear me much.
Our horses were assigned to the men
last Monday Wednesday, Sergts and Corps
having the right to choose theirs. I got a
good pony, and feel satisfied
John Alexander arrived here Wednesday
or Thursday Morning and is now
enjoying a soldiers life with us.
I received a letter from Newt
Stephens written from New Haven
January 18th. He said the snow was
then 15 inches deep and all roll calls
and Guard duties were dispensed
with. I hope that report concerning
the 29th Ind is not true.
Give my love to Father and
Mother and write soon
Your Brother
Edwin R Havens
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