Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 30, 1864
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Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864
Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864

72 Headquarters 1st Brigade Enrolled Militia,
District of Memphis,
Memphis, Tenn., April 30th 1864.
My own darling Emma.
I am actually
ashamed ofmy self for not writing before
I will not make a long appology. I
will only say that I have been very
very busy oflate _ so much dear Emma
that I Could not write, if at all but
a few lines I have therefore from
time totime I put it off in hopes I
would have more leisure _ This is
Sunday afternoon darling. Nearly
supper time. and I have Just got
through with back worK in the Office.
Dearest do not blame ^ when Such
things occur for I am truly not
toblame. I have almost Entirely
quit writing home _ and Mother com-
-plains grieviously, that I neglect them.
But “Pet” my reputation in this Office
must be sustained _ Even if I haveto
drop some ofmy Correspondence
Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864
Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864

But Love I will try not to neglect you.
Sometimes my letters will be necessarily
brief _ but hereafter I will try and an-
swer your Every letter promptly _
Now Emma let me stop and Kiss
your picture which lays by my side
x x x Dear Loved Emma I only
wish I were with you tonight. How
happy we would be. We could talk so
much faster than we can write. it
always seems tome I Can not half
Express myself with the pen _ But I can
tell you that you are very very dear
tome _ that I love you with my whole
heart _ etc. Dear Girl Sometimes I feel
as though your advice was Correct in
regard tomy going north _ But I cannot
bear to leave the Army until my term
should Expire _ I presume I could get
my resignation accepted _ But many would
say I had not the plucK tostay _ And
You shall never hear any thing
of that Kind about me.
Poor [Annis?] _ I am sorry for
Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864
Mark Flower Letter: April 30 1864

for ^ if she loved that Fellow and
I presume she did some at least.
Tell me in your next if he has truly
played off on her _ and let me Know
how she feels. How is [Nourse?] and
the Misses WilKinsons prospering _ Is
Montague as much rebel as Ever. I
think darling _ some ofthose “Critter”s
ofHumane shape up in that Country
want shooting pretty bad _ what do
you say _
Dear Emma _ in regard to
sending my Photograph to [Abb?] Wilkinsons
people. I will do Just as you
say _ did I promise them one.
I Enclose one for you . taken
recently. I will try and visit you
again in August.
Deloss sends love. He is very well
My Love to your Mother and all
other friends _
I am your own
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