Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 12, 1864
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Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864
Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864

Headquarters 1st Brigade Enrolled Militia,
District of Memphis,
Memphis, Tenn., April 12.th 1864.

I am Just in
receipt oftwo letters from you dear
Emma which I will try toansweral-
-though I may be Compelled tobe brief
Since I wrote you last. I have been quite
sick the greater portion ofthe time. indeed
darling Emma I sometimes fear I
never will see another [illegible mark in original] healthy day
so long as I remain in this Country _
The climate dont seem toagree
with me at all _ For the past two
week’s the greater portion ofmy work
has been done in bed which in
fact has been nothing but signing
papers and deciding questions referred
to me for my decission. Oh! Emma
I only wish I was as healthful as
when I left Chickaming first.
This darling much loved Emma
is the first letter. (Except. Official) I have
Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864
Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864

attempted towrite in the past two weeks _
Do Not blame me dearest. for I Could
not write _ I have felt to miserable all
the time. Sometimes Darling I
feel as though I should in Justice
to myself quit the service. and go
North and yet I can hardly bear
to leave before the time of my old
Companys muster Expires _
Dear Darling Emma you are
almost Constantly in my mind _ how
I wish I could go to Michigan. and
remain there a month _ would we
not have glorious times _ I imagine
it would improve both your
health _ and mine _ You Know
dear one the Lake breezes are
very envigorating _ Darling I
had a magnificent dream last night.
I thought myself happy _ and why
becuase you were mycompanion
,and you were happy and contented
I dreamed we wandered over hills
and dells _ now stopping topluck
Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864
Mark Flower Letter: April 12 1864

some wild flower that grew upon
the bank of some babbling brook
and Anon wearing garlands for
Some one wholoved you and
whom you loved _ now listning
to the song of some wild bird
and then making the woodland
ring with your own musical
laughter_ which sent a thrill
ofJoy to my heart. I loved
you in dream as in my
hours of waKefulness _ and
the many Kisses I planted upon
your rosey cheek’s _ and lips were
but the tokins of my deep affection
Dear Emma Excuse the brevity
of this letter _ I have much labor
toperform _ my clerKs have Just
brought in two large packages
of papers for me to sign, and
Examine _ I will write again very
soon _ Love to your dear Mother _
I Remain Your own Affectionate
&. Loving Mark
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