Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864


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Date: March 20, 1864
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Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864

Headquarters 1st Brigade Enrolled Militia,
District of Memphis
Memphis, Tenn., March 20.th 1864.
My Own Darling Emma
Yesterday two
letters written by your dear self
Came to comfort _ language cannot
more than half Express the pleasure
I Experianced _ I had wondered
and wondered time and again
why My Pet so neglected me _ but
you were not toblame My Emma
I did not for one moment dis-
-trust you _ but thought maybe you
had Carelessly _ or thoughtlessly forgotten
towrite _ But Pet I beg ten thousan
pardons _
I do not intend to neglect
you never _ We Know the mails
are some times irregular _ and
sometimes it seems as though Our
letters were unnecessarily detained
through the Agency of some one
Dear Darling Emma
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864

never expose yourself to that awful
disease _ Small _ Pox _ or [Vere-O.-Loid?]
I had a light touch _ and I can
Assure you I have no occasion
to have any thing “thereunto appertaining”
again _ no not I.
Well Pet I have been acting
in My Official Capacity now nearly
one month _ I am getting on
finely _ Have a manificent room
for head-quarters – good servants
etc. I have also some of the
Smartest Clerks in the Country _
I have very great responsibilities
upon my shoulders _ but I am
attentive tomy business _ and as
yet have met no obstacle _ which I
could not surmount.
General Veatch Called
on me a day or two ago _ He
wentwith Genl Sherman _ on
his Mississippi Campaign _ He with
his Entire Command have gone
toCairo _ from there they may go
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864

East to help Capture Richmond. (As
I am Confident Our Western Boys have
got it to do) or they may go toChatta-
-nooga to drive back the rebels in
that vicinity. Friend Snow was
with General Veatch _ says he shall
remain with him during thewar
He sends warmest regards to
Dearest much loved One
what would I not give to see you
this night. How would my heart
leap for Joy _ were I only in your
presence. Though we are many
many miles from Each other _ yet
now _ this moment _ my heart leap
far far over the broad Expanse
of Territory _ to the Wood side Cottage
where Emma reigns as Queen.
Tis a Moon-light night _ Sunday
too _ Such a one as twenty months
ago _ we witnessed _ as we stood
side _ by side atyour Mothers
Gate _ soon topart _ soon to be sepparate
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 20 1864

perhaps for ever _ I to fight for my
Countrys honor _ and you topray that
God might watch over _ and protect
me from harm _ and guide me safely
through the putrid Current of evil
influence that beset the paths of
so many ofour young soldiers _
Darling do you remember that
night _ Do you remember how the
beautiful moon hid its smiling
face _ behind some passing Cloud
as if ashamed to intrude upon
the sacredness of our interview _ A
dark future seemed before us _ because
my Barque was about to sail
upon a turbulant sea _ beneath whose
foaming waters _ many a sharp edged
rock threatened to destruction _ But
now dear one the past appears
as a dark wild dream _ the future
beams more bright _ for “Tis the
distance _ appears the Beacon light _
By which to guide _ my ship aright. and
in the Political Horizon – The Bow
of hope is visable to all _ for plainly
there can you read the words of the
mortal Jackson _ “The Federal Union
must, & shall be preserved” God grant it!

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

Address Capt. Mark. D. Flower
Asst. Adjt. Genl.
Care of 1st Brigade. E.M. D.ofM.
Col John McDonald Memphis

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