Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: March 8, 1864
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Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864


Head Quarters U.S. Mil. Telegraph

Superintendents Office

Memphis March 8.th 1864

My own darling Emma.

a dreary lapse of nearly four weeks
I am again Cheered by the receipt
of another dear good letter fromy
darling Emma. I had wondered
what Could Cause you toso neg-
-lect me _ But I see from the date
ofyourcommunication _ that it was
written on the 18.th and Post marked
“Chickaming Jan FEbruary 19.th It
seems very strange a letter should
be solong on the road. and
my darling Emma I have written
several other letters which asyet I
hear no mention _
I expected to
hear dear One that you had been
Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864

very sick and oh! what a load is
taken from off my heart. I doubt
not I shall hear from you again
soon _
I Cannot see why Miss Gowdy
should think less ofyou. “Even if
you were engaged to me” Certainly
it would have no contaminating
Effect. Very likely she wanted you
to love Him. and in myown
mind I have never doubted that
Jim did not think everything ofyou
Darling I dont think I should
even secure _ or make a fortune
Chopping wood _ yet I may sometime
have it to do _ but on a very Small
Scale. If “Mrs. Flower.” got enough
firewood todo the cooking. she would
thank her good fortune _ Beware
Emma I am awful Lazy
Dont you think So?
Emma Darling
you better not gotoCalifornia. Unless
you want to see me spooking
through that Country _ on a double
Quick After you _ and besides your
dear Mother is too old to try such

Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864

Experiment She might not like the Country
and then her he^lth you Know might
not permit her toreturn.
Darling much
loved Emma _ for me to protest my love
for you would be but to repeat what
you already Know _ You do not
doubt my affection _ My true, sincere,
Even wild love for you _ do you
I often wander in dreams –
, and you darling are always my constant
companion _ I am then Contented, because
You always seem happy _ and you
always seem toreturn my love _ Oh!
Would it were reality _ would we
were never more compelled tosep-
-arate from you _ But by a Christian
forbearance. and fortitude we will
Certainly receive our reward of [merit?].
Be ofgood cheer Emma
“Tis always darKest Just before day” _ and
me thinKs now I see the bright sun _ just appear-
-ing above the dark, Cloudy horizon _ Soon
to spread its bright raysofJoy _ peace
and good will among the deserving
Let us trust in a Kind Overuling Providence
Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864
Mark Flower Letter: March 8 1864

and all will yet be right.
Cousin Deloss has charge ofan
Office situated near the Picket Lines
ofthe Districtof Memphis _ My dear
friend Snow is with Genl James
O.Veatch _ in the great Sherman
Expedition. I Expect tohear from
him soon _
Give my love toyour
dear Mother _ Best respects toyour
brother Jon.&.family. and oh!
Emma write very promptly _ it
is late and I mustclose.
From your own

To His Emma
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