Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 10, 1864
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Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864


Head Quarters Dist.ofMemphiS
Memphis Tenn. Jany. 10.th 1864.
My own loving Emma.
Your Kind and
loving letter came tohand a few
moments ago _ and you see darling
I am going torespond immediately
like a good and true Lover.
Dearest Emma _ I am sorry
to see you feeling so sadly _ what is the
reason for it? Have I done any thing
tocause you toregret your intimacy
with your loving Mark? Is there any
thing you desire that you have not the
meansofprocuring _ Do you doubt my
affection? Darling be franK with me.
You are in trouble _ and yet you
do notfully confide in me _ why is
this Pet? Do tell me all in your
next communication _ There is no
cause for cold formality _ in our affairs

Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864

Your letters have not been very regular
of late but I do not blame you dearest
for the Rivers are obstructed with ice, and
the RailRoads with Snow _ Consequently
all mail matter is very much delayed.
I am of your opinion regarding foul
play with ourcorrespondence for I
am sure you do not receive all of
the letters written by me _ I only wish
I Knew positively _
Darling if we had only
been as well acquainted the winter I
spent in Chickaming _ How very happy
it would have been for us both _
I loved you from the time I
first met you at Abdon Wilkinsons
but I then believed you were in love
with [illegible in original] _ and I considered him so
much brighter _ and better looking
than myself that I dare make no
advancement _ By theway darling how
is [illegible in original] and Miss “Joe” prospering

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 2]

An officers wife was presented last week with a fine girl
baby and as they were friends of mine they agreed to call
it Emma to suit me – I bought it a nice _ Hat. Dress. and _ Shoes _
Bully for us _ Em
Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864

The draft may take some of the boys who
never intended to support Uncle Sam.
But I have nothing tosay in their Cases
for I am sure their own Consciences
should dictate their Course _
Oh! My Emma – Could I but rest
myself from almost Constant toil and have
your Sweet good society to Enjoy then
I would be happy indeed _ I am not
Satisfied with my brief visit last fall _
tobesure it was plesant but decidedly
toobrief _ I think this war will close
next summer Emma _ and then I am
sure we will both be happy _ Do my friends
in ChicKaming ever mention my name
Pet? We will one day prove to them
that we Cared very little for their disinter-
-Ested interferance in our behalf _
Now My Emma _ in your next
letter be Kind enough to tell me what
Causes you so much trouble _ I Know
you are feeling bad about something

Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 10 1864

and I am anxious toKnow all about it.
Have you taken any “CutterRides” this
winter? If I were only with you it would
be some different from the winter I spent
in Chickaming _ we would ride _ and
skate _ and dance _ &. Enjoy ourselves
generally _ I Know we would _
Some talk again of Genl. Veatch taK-
-ing the field _ I hope it is so. for I
think the “smellofPowder” after so long
arest would do us all an imense
amount of good _ besides there are some
Chances for glory there _ Cousin Deloss
and I were out toafriends todinner
today _ had a good time considering it
was Sunday _ I also went to church
had a dry Sermon _ sure _ something about
the Apostle Paul _ Cant tell you what
for the Minister dident talK comon
sense _ or Else I am not capable of under-
-Standing the points in his [illegible in original] _ He
did’nt pray for the President nor our cause
consequently ought tohave been KicKed
clear across _ the Mississippi into ArKansas
write to me soon my own loved Emma
From your loving Mark _

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

The babys name is Emma Fairburn
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