Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 5, 1864
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Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864


Head Quarters Dist.of Memphis
Memphis Tenn. January 5.th 1864.
My own fondly loved Emma.
Another year
of suffering, of blood, and Carnage
has passed _ and find us yet Engaged
in a bloody and desolating war. Oh!
during the past year who Can Even
imagin the vast suffering a vast amount
of our people have been subjected to _
The old year has gone _ but darling
Emma, a long time will Elapse Ere it
will be forgotten _ when you and I are
laid away forever _ [illegible in original] objects
will received Our Country _ men of the
Year of 1863, God grant the New Year
may see brighter prospects for our Nation
I hope dearly loved Emma _ to spend next New-
-Years- day in Your Sweet cheering Company
dont you hope darling that such may be
the Case _ I am almost sure we will

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 1]

Love toyour dear Mother Best Respectsto John &family
write _ write write often _

Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864

happy next NewYears day _ Oh Sweet One
I thought ofyou all the time from
Christmas Eve until After New Years day
I wondered ifyou were thinking of me
and wishing I were with you _ Did you
attend any Balls or Parties dear One
during the “Holly Days_” I hope so. I hope
you were happy and Contented of course
would beglad toKnow you thought of
Your Mark occasionally _ and I am sure
you did for I am well Enough acquaint-
-ed with my darling toKnow that when-
-ever She has time to think ofany One
She Can spare a stray thought for me.
Pet, I went to two Balls _ One Christ-
-mas Eve , and , One, New-Years _ One
of them was given by the Turner Association
ofMemphis _ The other Christmas Eve . by the
Military Authorities of the Dist. of Memphis. And
it was the most magnificant affairof
the Kind I Ever witnessed _ The Big _ [Boys?]
of Memphis &. vicinity were fully represented
Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864

There were fouror five Brig. Generals there
and one. Major Genl. I had the honor
of dancing in the same set with the
latter _ Major Genl. Hurlbut. The ladies
were in splendid attire, and Some of
them looKed really beautiful ~ but I Could
not Enjoy their society very well _ for
they are wounderfully Aristocratic _ indeed
so much so that you have first tobeg
an introduction _ and then formally present
your white Kid’s, and beseech the fairys
todance one set. with you. And Often Snivelling
and beating around the bush for some
ten minutes you finally succeed in ob-
-taing a girl _ or I should have said “a
Lady” _ after taking your position on the
floor you are not allowed toaddress
any person but the Lady towhom you are
engaged to dance _
Soon after my arrival
I Saw a Young girl whom resembled You
My dear loving Emma. and I lost
no time in making her acquaintance
Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864
Mark Flower Letter: January 5 1864

I told her She resembled a very perticular friend
of mine, and I hoped to make her acquaintance
She answered is she your sweet-heart
I answered in the Affirmative _ Dear Emma
I felt almost gay when with her for she
continually reminded me ofyou _ Oh! how
I did wish for your company then for we
would indeed been so happy _ She was not
as sweet as you darling _ nor as good, and
Kind loving, and noble, Sweet Emma there
are one or two ofmy letters which, are unanswered
I am afraid we do not receive all letters intend-
for us _ Tis my last letter I informed you
of My Sisters illness – late advice from
home state she is much better _ God be blessed _ I
hope she may recover for she is the “Pet” ofour
family. The weather is quite cold here _ also citizens
state they never Knew it any where near as
cold before _ Our brave Union Boys seem to
stand it very well _ Have not found out
as yet who will gotoChicago _
You ask my opinion regarding your going to
School this winter? _ in answer I would say you
must not expose yourself too much this Cold
winter weather _ Still ifyou could attend
without detriment toyour health – I would say
yes _ However my Darling you had better
advise with your dear Mother _in regard
to that _ she is older, and More Experienced &.
has much better Judgement in such matters –
than you or I.
Deloss is in Memphis doing well
Snow is yet on duty at these Head Qrs _ and
I am entirely recovered – Your Own loving
and [well?]
Mark –

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

Our lives have been disturbed for several days _ Forrest (Rebel) with
Twelve or fiften thousand men is within ten miles ofMemphis – some fear
an attack. on this city we can only muster five thousand men at present _
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