Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 12, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863
Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863

Head Quarters Dist. ofMemphiS
Memphis Tenn. Nov. 12.th 1863,
My Own darling Emma,
Your truely
dear letter Came to my hand yester-
-day _ My labors in the Office for
today are finished _ but before retiring
to rest I must answer your dear
letter, and write also tomy dear
Mother in Minnesota_
So long a
time had Elapsed since hearing
from you my pet _ that I had began
to worry on your account _ I feared
you were ill _ but the noble letter
penned by your hand dispelled such
fears and tonight I am once more
Last evening I went to the Thea-
-tre to see the new & celebrated Irish
Drama _ “Rory O. Moore” – I was much
pleased with it _ but as I Saw other
Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863
Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863

Genls _ Officers, and Clerks of the
differant _ Departments – with their wives
and Sweet-hearts _ (Some of them Southern
girls) Come into the Theatre _ I
felt sad indeed _ for I thoughtof
you dear Emma _ and Oh! how I
wished you were only with me _ and
were it not for the probibility of
Our moving or my returning tomy
Company you could be _
But I am yet a soldier
and subject tothe orders ofmy
superiors _ and I Know not one day
Where I may be the next.
General Grant has issued an
Order returning all men totheir
Regiments who are on detached
service _ outside of their Army Corps
I am not only outside of the A.C.
towhich I belong _ but am also
outside of the Department in which
my Company is doing duty _
General Veatch is making every
exertion in his power to Keep me
Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863
Mark Flower Letter: November 12 1863

for coming to a conclusion on that
point _
My dear One _ I was envited this
evening toa Private Southern Party given
by a Southern girl by the name of Hardwick
She was extremely anxious your humble
servt. should attend _ But as theboys say
I could’nt see the point. I preferred
staying in the Office and writing to
you _ My friend Snow is first
rate _ He sends his respects toyou.
There has been troops arriving
all day from the South _ forwhat
purpose I am sworn not totell _
But if things are not changed
materially in Tennessee soon look
outfor another terrible battle _
Sweet Emma write tome soon.
Give my love toyour Mother
also _ respects to Jon. &family &Mr
Ames &.wife – and other friends
if Ihave any which I must
sayIbegin todoubt _
You know you always have my
love I Remain
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