Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: August 28, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863

Head-Quarters, District of Memphis,
Memphis Tenn., Aug. 28th 1863.
My own darling Emma.
This morn-
-ing your truly good and loving
letter reached me _ and true to my
promise I am answering it my
first oportunity _ What a great Com-
=fort to hearts that “beat as one” are
letters that speak of the deep affection
of that person whom above all others
on Earth you would desire. should
love you _ When my Emma’s letters
are received by me I am always
so very happy. Indeed darling
the Office can hardly Contain me.
If I only had Emma here in
Memphis _ with me _ How we would enjoy
life _ words Cannot express the happiness
we would experiance _ but in the army

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863

every-thing _ even life itself is uncertain
There Can be no telling how long we
will remain where you could en-
=Joy the Comforts of life _ We may be Com-
=pelled soon to Commence an active
winter Campaign _ Darling One. I have
been advised by some of my intimate
friends to follow a Military-Life _ some
think that I am better addapted to
such a profession than most any other.
Genl _ Veatch thinks he Can get me some
good position either in the Navey or in
the Regular Army _ where by Close attention
to duty I Could soon obtain some re-
-sponsibile situation _ (In other words. a Com-
-mission.) You know dear girl a person
who is Commissioned in the Regular Army
has always very large pay – with an honorable
position in society _ so long as he behaves
himself. My Own my Darling Emma
I want your advise in the premises _
I wish you to Council _ as you think

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863

best for Your interest and mine
remembering always that this ^ the begining
of my Career in life _ I am not yet
sure any thing of the Kind will or Can
be Effected consequently would _ advise
Silance regarding what I have written
I have no secrets from my Pet.
Papers have been forwarded to
War Dept. at Washington. which if approved
there and accepted by me _ bids fair
to Effect materially _ my future _ as
well as your own _ General’s. Veatch
and Hurlbut. who are both good
friends of mine _ and Splendid Military
men – are anxious that I Shall become
strictly speaking _ a Military man _ and
are willing toobtain an extrance _ if
possible at West _ Point _ or a position in
Regular Army _ I will Keep you
posted _
Oh! Emma I will ever be
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863

[1863, Aug. 28]

true Everlatingly true toyou _ no matter
where duty or ambition may Call me.
Darling did it ever occur to you
that I was Ambitious. Aye! ‘Tis true
I Can never be satisfied to lay
supinely on my back. I must have
some field for action _ where the
oportunities for raising above the masses
occur. Remember sweet Emma. I am
writing for your Eyes only _ Remember
I repose all Confidence & trust in
you _ I know you would not
betray me in any thing. Dear
Girl we will trust in Heaven _ and
if we remain true to each other. we
shall find a reward in After
Years. Be Careful of your health
do not Expose yourself yet exercise
Yourself sufficiently tomake digestion
good. Why Emma my Pet. if I were
with you _ I would cure you in
a short. time. Ha ha! What Kind of
a Doctor do you think I would
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863, Page: 5

Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: August 28 1863

I have “lots” of work yet to per-
-form in Office _ and must close.
My health has improved materially
since my last.
Love to Your Mother
Respects to John & fmaily. and
my Love _ Ten thousand Kisses for Your
Sweet lips _
Write soon. to your own
Fond Loving Mark

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