Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: July 28, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863

Head Qrs. Dist. of Memphis
Memphis July 28th 1863.
My Own Loved Emma _
Communication of the 17th
Inst has Just Came to my hand
and dearly loved One I dropp
Every thing Else until your dear
good letter is answered _ Oh! My
Emma Could I press to my heart
and Kiss those darling lips _ how

[Written sideways on top of Scan 1]

Darling –
Sometime when
you have time
you can spend
an hour or two
figuring out the
writing on the last
sheet _ of pape I should
have said –
Write very often _
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863

soon would I convince “My Pet”
that the affection Mark used to
have for his Emma had not Subsided
but had grown more intense _ That
my Love for Emma was pure sincere
and everlasting _
Darling you complain of not
receiving any letters from me during
the past two week _ now I must
say there is wrong work transacted
some–where for during that time
Judging from letters written by
me youshould have received two
or three _ However they may have
been delayed somewhere and
may Come out alright _ But
again must I stagger you with
my Suspicions of “Foul Play”
Dearest I am sorry that you
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863

should for one moment doubt
me _ Ah! darling you
must not do so again _ For
you have my assurance that
I am true Everlastingly so.
If I do not write quite
as long letters as I used to
it is because I have greater
responscibility more care &.
less leasure moments to
devote to myself & “my own” affairs
My People all sadly Complain
of my neglecting them – but darling
I Cannot avoid it I have no
time to devote to my own
business The Adjutant Genl.
holds me accountable for all
the business in the Clerks Dept.
I have some ten Clerks who
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863

Page written in cross-hatch fashion

[Beginning in top left-hand corner of Scan 4]

I am
at. a loss to
know what motion
could induce Mr.
Gowdy to attempt to
predjudice you against
me _ If you can ascertain
please do so &. inform me
What has become of the Wilkinson
Girls? it must be that they did not much
fancy my Abolition sentament or some
thing else _ for my last letter remains
unanswered _ Ha _ ha _ ha _ I wonder if
they immagin my feelings are injured.
Emma my dear there is no doubt in my mind
but what Charlie Goodwin heared what
he said he did in Chickaming but
what matters that a person dont
amount to much in that
place unless some one
does missrepresent them
I Still remain
Very affectionate
& Your Own
Loved &.

[Beginning in top right-hand corner of Scan 4]

Does Benj.
Ingalls work
for Googwin Gowdy
&. Co. The weather
is extremely warm
in deed so much so that
one feels almost prostrate
in mind &. body Is Miss Fisher
in Chickaming this Summer _ ?
Oh! my darling & truely loved Emma
if I were with you how much could
I tell you &. how easily could I
convince you that you alone dear
one had the power to thrill my heart
with Joy & gladness No Emma
dear Girl for my sake do not think
again that Mark is anything
but true to you many
temptations are cons-
-tantly arround me
but as yet I have resisted all
& for your sake
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863, Page: 5

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863

report to me _ Darling have
you asked Mr. Gowdy for the
Love letters that are laying arr-
=ound C.H. Goodwins store?
Do as you think best. I have
not forgotten those remarks
My Emma you said he
or some one else had said
something “Else” in regard to
you _ please tell me.
Cousin Deloss is first-rate always
sends love to you. I think that
he and Fannie are playing
out. I hope So.
The Soldiers of the South
-west begin to think they will
finish their glorious work

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 5]

I had a letter from my Uncle yesterday informing
me that he was very anxious for me to return to Chicka-
-ming _ &. help run that Institution. I informed him
I would see the whole Institution. Sunk before I would
do it under existing circumstances ___

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863, Page: 6

Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 28 1863

some time the coming winter
We have done well at all
events _ The reopening of the
Mississippi is certainly a great
accomplishment Let us trust
in God for the final Consumation
I must close _ Please answer
soon and Write a longer
letter. How strange that Marks
Darling should for one moment
immagin _ that I did not want
toreceive letters from her.
Darling you are very dear
Love to your Mother _ Respects
to Jon. &. family _ My Mother was very
much disappointed because I did
not meet her &. my Sisters in Aurora
The Adjutant General still remains
write Soon
very sick _ I Remain Your own loving
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