Mark Flower Letter: July 18 1863


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: July 18, 1863
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Deloss Letter: July 18 1863, Page: 1

Deloss Letter: July 18 1863
Deloss Letter: July 18 1863

Hd Qrs U.S. Mil & Telegraph
Memphis July. 18th 1863
Friend Emma.
Yours of the “5th” has
Just came to hand, and with pleasure. I
hasten to reply. Emma I hardly Know.
what to write about. So if you do not get
a very long letter you must not complain.
When I received your letter Mark. was with
me, and of course he wished to See it. So
I let him. “was it right.” I thought So, or I
Should not have let him See it. Emma.
I am Sorry. to learn that Some persons
will put themselves, to So much trouble as to
try and distroy the comforts and pleasure
of others. I Suppose you are not aware
that haveing others talk about me, was the
cause of my trouble. Now let me tell you
as a true friend. do not believe anything
you hear about Mark. for I can vouch
for his loveing You. and with a clear.
consience. can Say. he is true to you. I tell
you he felt verry bad when he learned
that John Gowdy had been talking to you
about him. Emma. let me give you a
little advise when you hear anything about
Mark. Just write and ask him about it
Deloss Letter: July 18 1863, Page: 2

Deloss Letter: July 18 1863
Deloss Letter: July 18 1863

and if this report is true, he wil tell you
So. for he would not lie to you.
you need not be atall Surprised if about
next Christmas you should See Your dear
Mark. home, for in my Opinion this war
will be at a close. about that time. Then
I expect to See you, “not only as a friend”
but as. a cousin.. for as near as I can
learn you and Mark. will be Married when
he comes home. and If the Lord is willing
and my. Young. Lady. does not go back on
me too. far, I may be. There hurrah for a
happy time all arround.. But if she does
then I must look for Some other one.
I Suppose it is very lonesome whare you
are. “in the woods..” yet you can enjoy
yourself. by. the Lake.
Mark is well. Sends
Love. I must close so good Bye.

From. Your. Cousin
“Write Soon.”
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