Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: July 16, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863

Head. Quarters Dist of Memphis
Memphis Tennessee. 16th July /63.
My Own devoted Emma.
I had Just
prepared an answer to your letter received
a day or two ago. _ and Just before mailing
the same your last dear good Kind
letter Came to hand Consequently I
Concluded. to not send it until I
Could answer both _
Dearest Loved
One. You Can see by the tone of my
other letter what a State my feelings
were in. But darling that last letter
like some healing balsam quieted my
nerves and placed my mind at Ease
and did my heart. Oh! so much
Dear Emma you are Entitled
to my respect. My. Esteem _ My Love
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863

[Written sideways left-hand side of Scan 2]

You did right in attending the Ball at
New Buffalo _ Perfectly right _ The greater
portion of the day was Spent by me in firing
and loading a “32 Pounder”. on Fort
Pickering _ and when she was fired Treason
in Memphis trembled _ the City shook
too _ from Center to Circumferance
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863

my all _ I love you a great deal
more than I Could otherwise. for your
devotion to me _ To see you stand up
for me when others are abusing &.
maltreating _ me in the worst possible
manner. (Questioning my honor.) is sufficient
Evidence that you are true _ that
you love me _ and dear Girl I
return your pure affection with
my love. and Hearts purest Affections.
I have Concluded under Existing
Circumstances to remain here until
fall. I did make arrangements to
visit you and Mother & Sisters _ this sum-
=mer _ but. darling Emma it seems
as though fate was against. me
The Asst. Adjutant General is and
has been for Some time lying at
the point of death with Congestion of
the Brain _ and under no Consider-
-ation will he spare me from
his Office until his recovery.
My Dear Emma I donot nor
Can I nor will I in the very
slightest degree doubt your
Affections _ You say you Love me
That you are true to me. this is
all I. desire to Know _ I trust
and Confide in you.
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863
Mark Flower Letter: July 16 1863

Dear Girl I send you the
letter I wrote you Just before
receiving Your last. you can see
how I was feeling _ You said
in a previous letter that other things
had been said. Which you would
not mention _ Dear Emma I
desire that you mention it in your
next. letter _ You say things have
been said regarding your self
Please totell me all about it
Dear Love. I am Compelled
to close. my “Returns” to the War
Department must be finished this
I will write you again soon
Love to your Mother _ and all
friends _ if I have any in
Chickaming _ If not _ all right
I Remain
Your Own Affectionate –

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