Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: June 25, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863
Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863

Head Qrs. Dist of Memphis.
Memphis Tenn. June 25. 1863.
My Own Loving Emma.
been confined tomy bed
and room for several
days past by sickness. I have
been unable to bestow upon
you that prompt attention
your goodness and Kindness
so much deserve. I am Scarsely
able to write this [illegible in original]
_ as my nearves seem Entirely un-
-strung _ and my mind though
not really (Fickle) seems to wander
I hope I may be better in
the morning.
Dear dear Girl

[Written sideways on top of Scan 1]

My Candid oppinion
is that the Rebellion
is playing out
very rapidly _
Cousin Deloss
sends love _
Charlie Goodwin
hasbeen Exchanged
am looking for
him Every day _
Love to your
Mother _ Respects
to Jon &. family
write very soon
tohim that loves
you deare than any
other person in
I Remain
Yours alone
Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863
Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863

have ever treated them with
At least common respect. they
by that act. descend to little
mean contemptible transactions
that at once forfeit all Claim
to friendship or respect. _ and
places them in a position
deserving only the contempt
of good people _
Dear Emma
I have never misused any person
willingly in my life _ and
to have _ any person _ in my
absence _ when all chances for
self deffence are gone attempt
to _ assail my Character _ I
tell _ you Dearest it is too
severe _ But One thing I
_ am willing to do. I. would
compair our past records
I am not Ashamed of
There are Land-marks
by which _ all persons having
even a [faint?] desire to do
right _ may guide themselves
clear of intentional injury
to any person _ but of course
Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863
Mark Flower Letter: June 25 1863

morbid disposition for evil doing
predominates _ There is no hope
and the sooner they founder
and sink _ beneath the waves
of obliveon _ The Sooner the world
is rid of a Curse _ I say
a Curse because such people
are of no account to themselves
or any one Else.
Well my Dear Emma.
I think
I have tried your patience on
that subject but you have
my true sentament.
Oh. Emma
what a pleasure it is to love
one so good and true as you
are _ and to have the assurance
that your love is acknowledg-
-ed We shall some day if
we remain true topromises be
doubly repaid for our devoted-
-ness to each other _ When we do
meet you may Expect tobe loved
nearly todeath I Still intend
tovisit you the last of the Sumer
or this fall _ I have a great
responscibility now upon my shoulders
the controll of the business of the office
responsible to the. Adjutant Genl. alone
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