Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: May 19, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863
Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863

Head Quarters Dist. of Memphis
Memphis Tennessee May 19th / 63.
My Own Fondly Loved Emma:
I rec
-ceived a letter from you yesterday,
and true to my promise, I am
going to respond promptly.
Dear Emma I should
be very happy could I only see
you for a few minutes: It _
seems too bad that those who love
as dearly and devotedly as you
and I. must be separated by this
unlawful _ and terrible Rebellion
but such is War. The evil influences
and bad Effects, are not fully
realized until “Civil War” with its
many many, baneful results are
upon us.
My Own devoted Emma.
love you much better than I. other_
wise should. did you not Exhibit
so much _ true Patriotism. I am
sure there is no sacrifice _ however
great: that you would not cheerfully

Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863
Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863

make _ when your Countrys honor
or glory was at stake.
Oh Emma. Dearest. One. when
this awful Crisis has passed. when
peace _ with its Heavenly light, Shall
Shed its glory upon the American
Government. and friends are
restored to those most dear. then
then Darling Emma. we shall
be tru^ly happy _ that what little
we Could ^ to promote or advance
the Condition of our Country was
Cheerfully done.
My Own Emma.
writing the above your last dear
good letter was laid upon my
desk. You can bet I dropped my
pen _ and perused it over and
over again. Oh! Emma I am
so sorry you are so unwell. You
must be Extremely Careful. and
when I return I will see what I
Can do for her whom I love.
The troops in Memphis and
vicinity are much excited. We are
expecting a Battle every hour. (Remem-
ber what I am now writing is Official &.
must be Kept “mum.”) We received dispatches
Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863
Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863

Yesterday from Genl. Grant near
Vicksburg. That he had. had a
terrible battle with the Enemy. at
“[Rodney?]” Whipping them Soundly.
that a Heavy force of Cavalry
and Artillery _ were making their
Course towards Memphis _ and that
they must find us prepared for
their reception. Last night Said
Rebel Troops encamped only
[tree?] miles from here _ and they
may give us a call _ mearly for
politiness _ At least we hope so for
we Can give them another
such a welcome as they [rec?].
at “Iuka” and “Corinth.”
For my
part I imagine they are
making a feint at this point
and their final blow will
be struck at Germantown
Jackson or Lagrange _ or
some point of Connection between
Memphis and Corinth _ on
the Military Rail Road.
However, we shall
soon Know. The affair will
most probibly ome off. before
Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863
Mark Flower Letter: May 19 1863

You receive this I do not
fear for the result for I
Know when western troops
have any show. They cant be
Give my love to your
Mother. and best respects to Jon.
and family.
Write to me very often dear Emma
and I will endeavor to respond
Believe me.
Your Own

[Written sideways on bottom of Scan 4]

I have not seen Cousin
Deloss since receipt of
your letter. Last ad-
-vices he was – well I
presume. he sends
lots of love.
I am very well.
Will write you again
before [illegible in original]
and you do the same
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