Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 21, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863

Head Quarters __
Dist. of Memphis
Memphis Tenn April 21
Scratch _
scratch _ scratch _ nothing but
the scribble of the pen from
morning until night _ or the quick
business answer of the Adjutant
General _ to the importunities
of Citizens who throng our Office
in hopes to receive redress for
some fancied grievance _ But
Dear Emma I Can give you
the assurance they receive but
little satisfaction _ from these
Headquarters _ For our business
is fighting Traytors _ Not giving
them “Aid and Comfort.”
you say you write to me regularly
every week _ Positively I receive or
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863

recently received on an aver-
=age one letter in three weeks
it seems very strange _ I am
also of the opinion you dont
receive over one half of my letters
Darling much Loved Emma
I am of your mind in regard
to our “love”. I dont imagine there
are One in Five Thousand
that love with that deep true
firm _ affection which marks
our Courtship _ O Dear and
Fondly Loved One. I would give
a great deal to see you this
afternoon _ to press you to
my heart to gaze into your
deep expressive eyes and endeavor
to read your thoughts _ and the
feelings _ and promptings of your
heart. It was too bad that the
Condition of our Country was
such as to Compell me to leave
my Emma _ Just as we had learned
to love so fondly _ But dearest

Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863

as a Nation Compelled to fight
and undergo a vast amount of
suffering to Establish its Freedom
and Independance appreciates
those liberties _ when finally obtained
So indeed will our love grow
stronger by passing through
the firey Ordeal of a danger=
=ous separation, Yes, distance
“lends Enchantment” to the brave
true heart.
Emma Dearest One
‘tis strange my affections were
not bestowed upon another long
before I made your aquaintance
for when I say I have ever
been thrown among the beautiful
and accomplished it is no
Empty boast: but none of then
Could win my love _ no. I
Could not love those whose
minds were bound up in
fashions, or dollars and Cents _
But when Emma came on
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863

to the docket Marks heart
Could not stand the seige and
was finally surrendered “Con-
ditionally” Those Conditions
you understand were as follows
Viz: I was to receive your
heart _ your love _ and your-
-self _ And I Know the victory
was mine _ for what am I
compared with Emma _ and
all her inocence _ Nothing.
Then Mrs. Frank Gowdy is of
the opinion Emma loves Jim
stronger than Mark. Ha, ha! Well
Emma I’m not Jealous. Jim has
many noble traits of character
and I think when married will
become a steady man and
always a Kind and affection=
=ate husband.
No I never belonged to the
“Good Templars” _ for I have ever
prefered being free _ Knowing
at the same time that I could
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863, Page: 5

Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 21 1863

[1863, April 21]

be a man _ discharging every obligation
to Society without obeying the rules
of any association ¬ preferring to
give my loose change to some
more charitable Institutions. Emma
I fancy I have sufficient Con=
trole of myself to shake of any very
bad habit which I may posess _
Still I consider the “Good Temp=
=lars in the main _ a very good Institu=
=tion _ although _ at Aurora it was
productive of a vast amount of
evil _ I will tell you how some day.
Give my love to your Mother
Respects to [Jon.?] and family &.
all friends _
I Remain as ever.
Your Own Promised

Miss Emma
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