Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 10, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863

[2d Div?] U.S. Mil Telegraph.
Memphis. April 10th / 63

Friend Emma.
As Mark and
myself were. least evening. enjoying
each Other’s company.. and talking
of the Dear and loved Ones at home
this thoughts. (which is a natural conclusion)
saw ran tuwords the One whome. he most
loved and also did mine.. You may
think me a Strange young man.
in writing as I do. To One whome I
never have had the pleusure. of meeting.
Although. you Seem. to me as a cousion
“which I Expect you will be.” and I can-
-not refrain from calling you Such.
Emma. Mark. looks Just as natural
as. Ever. with Only One exception
which is. His Face. is all covered with
a heavy beard. He is as Steady as
clock work. tends to his buisness
well. and is liked very much whare
he no Stayes._ “at Brig Gen Veach’s Hd Qrs”
As Mark has writen you “today.” . and
I Suppose given you all the new’s
Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863

So there is none left for me to
write about.
Emma. if God & man is
willing Mark and myself may make
you a Short visit. in About. from
now. untill. next January, or it may
be Sooner. And it may be longer. or later
but any how. when we come you
will Know it. by Our presents in
Emma Mark tells me
you are. “or have been.” Sick. I am
Sorry to here. it. Now for Marks Sake
take care of yourself. and be a
good girl. mind your Father & Mother
and Keep. in Out of doors. for
you may be taken worse. Remember
the advice of Fools may be good.
Emma. Mark is a dear good boy: and
the Advice I will give you. is to hang
to him like a Soure on a thumb. and
you are all right.. I will vouch
for his. loveing you with all
his heart.. but look Out. for yourself
I am a going to try and Cut him
Out.. So be on your guard
The weather is beautiful Except it is
Awfull dusty. and a little to warm

Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 10 1863

for comfort. but we manage to
get along very. well.
Give my. Love to the Wilkinson
Girls. and every One in Chickerming
I hope you will Excuse me for not
writeing you before. but the fact
is: I am full of business and it
is almost impossable for me to write
home. but if you will answer my
letters I will try and find time
to write to. you..
I must Close So good bye.

From. Your. Friend whom
you never Saw.

W.D. Hawkins
United States Military Telegraph
Memphis. Tenn., care. W.G. Fuller. Asst
Supt Box 8.18.
Deloss. H.
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