Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863


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Date: April 4, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863

Head-Quarters, District of Memphis,
Memphis, Tenn., April 4th 1863.
My Own Dear Emma
Your letter
came to hand some two or three weeks
since I had almost Come to the Con-
=Clusion You had “soured on me” as the
boys say. Yet Dear Emma notwithstanding
your long silance I have resolved to
answer your letter promptly hoping next time
I may be blessed by One of your “old”
style letters, Viz. 8 pages or a full sized
I am very very sorry dear dear
Emma that you have been so unwell
you must try and be Careful of your
health for naturally you are inclined
to be delicate. Dearest and Fond=
=ly loved Emma how happy would your
Darling Mark be Could he only Kiss
your dear lips to night as I did some
nine months ago. Mark was extremely
Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863

happy that night. do you Dear One
remember the moon that shown down that
night upon a Couple who Stood by your
Mothers Gate never can I forget that
night. Occasionally the moon would hide
its beaming face behind some silver lined
Cloud _ imparting a softened light to a
scene to us both impressive and grand.
If we are true to each other we will cer-
tainly Experiance such happiness as few
in this proud Aristocratic World Know.
Yes the Woman I love. I love not
faintly _ but deeply truly, Devotedly.
The Woman I love I will stand
by for “better or for worse” over all lifes
rugged pathway.
I love you. My heart
is under your controle. Trample it if
you choose. But if you would se-
-cure a true friend _ One that will
love you forever _ take me. for none Can
love You more dearly than I.
Since writing you before I have
been transfered from the Commissary

Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863

Department. to the Office of
the Assistant Adjutant General
of the District of Memphis. From
a ^ soldiers fare to that of a Brig. Genl.
for I reside in the same house and
Eat at the same table with Brig. Genl.
(Acting Maj Genl. Commd’g District of Memphis)
James C. Veatch.
But Emma dear I fear
I cannot stand the Confinement. I thought
it was severe on me when in the Commiss=
=ary Department_ but I labor more
in this Office.
Our Picketts have been
scirmishing all day. The General has
been in Front all day result not yet
Known Heavy Canonading heard
Emma you should obtain
some hair Restorative for your head.
Your hair turning is unnatural, and
Caused by sickness. This however can
be remedied by proper Care.
Was Mr. Wilkinsons barn burned

Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: April 4 1863

by an incendiary?
Emma you
re^mber my asKing in a previous
letter your Birth day. Well I set
it down in my memorandum booK
and some one has stolen it. I dis-
-remember the Exact day. please
inform me in your next. Poor
FranK died in this City _ some time
since. as you have heard ere this
Give my love to Your Mother
Respects to Johns family _ and
all other friends _ How does
Friend [“Lawren”?] get along?
My Address. Genl Veatch
Head Quarters ^ Dist. of Memphis
Assistant Adjutant Generals
Write Soon Memphis
I Remain Tenn
Your Own forever
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