Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: February 23, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863
Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863

Office Commissary of Subsistence,
Memphis, Tenn., February 23d 1863.
My Own Fondly Loved Emma.
Your very
dear letters (two in Number) were Just placed
upon my desk having most likely been
arround Via “Cape Cod” or some other
Foreign Port.
Dearest you alone can
imagin the feelings of Your Mark when
weeks passed away without my hear-
ing from you either directly
or indirectly _ I have only one min-
-ute to spare in writing this letter dear=
=est. We are thronged with business all the
time _ this Department furnishes all the
Commissary Goods for this portion of
the Army _ in fact to all the troops south
of Columbus Ky.
I will try dear Emma
to write you alonger letter in less than
two days.
Oh! My Dear Emma I
am sure we will live to see many happy
day’s and years in each others society _
Be very careful of your health for were
you to become sicK I would be

[Written upside down on top of Scan 1]

Respects to John & family & also to
your Brother, Henry, Mark

Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863
Mark Flower Letter: February 23 1863

Miserable indeed
My Sisters, names
are as follows Comencing with oldest
and running down to the Youngest
“Delia,” “Ida”, and “Mary” or “Mamey” as
she is Called.
They are good girls
Emma _ and Some day we will visit
them I had a letter from Father
a day or two since he writes that he
is very Busy with Government Business,
He would like me very much for
his book-Keeper _ But Mark Cant
go “ “Thats whats the matter,
I will tell
you some time why I wished to
Know your Birth Day,
Deloss has retur=
=ned from Aurora. Sends Love to you
Says he will write to you at his early
Emma I can see no
objection to your going with James
Gowdy so long as he is a Mutual friend
and takes good care of you,
Write often.
Love to your Mother I Remain
Your Own

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 2]

Dearest You will Excuse the Brevity of this letter
for I had not time to write more this time will write more
very soon your Own
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