Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: February 4, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863

Head Quarters
Genl. Hamilton
Memphis February 4th
My Dear Dear Emma,
As I write
that name how many remembr-
-ances rush upon me. For more
than six months , has that name been
a Tallisman to my heart, waking
its. emotion at will.
You are the
first woman _ that ever I really
loved. And oh! how happy I
used to be even in Chickaming
after I loved you _ For there was
Emma _ There was my Emma _ and
of course I was contented.
times I have strange forbodings _ Some
times _ I think Emma is too good
for me _ You always seemed so
in^ocent when compared with our
City Belles.
But Dear One. I
never deceived you. [unrestrained?]
Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863

as us boy’s were _ It is not so
very strange that sometimes _ we were
wild &. Somewht reckless.
Darling. You
You enquire _ about the letter sent
to me a few days ago by Mr _
Wilkinsons People _ The letter was in
answer to one written some time
since to Hattie _ Yet I must confess
I did not expect any reply.
He spoke of you very carefully
respectfully _
Cousin Deloss has
Gone Home on a Furlough of
Ten day’s _ Being on detached
service He Could obtain a Leave
of Absence without much trouble
My dear dear Emma _ What
a comfort your love is to me.
You alone can imagin the Joy
I experience in Contemplating
our future happiness.
Loved One I can but despair
at the prospects before every
American _ When I witness the [Treason?]

Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863

in the Northern States _ which al-
ready stalks abroad at noon-
-day _ threatning to trample under
foot the nearest &. dearest Principles
of every Patriot Heart.
The Fire –
in the Rear party which six months
ago _ we scorned _ sneared &. laughed
at _ with derision _ we begin to
Our people at home have
been to lenient with Treason
Had they Crushed the [two words illegible in original]
ere it gained the strength of life
all would have been well _
But now it is a living Hydra
Headed Monster _ We fear to
meddle with it lest it oer whelm
in its mighty Power.
Dear Dear
Emma _ To day the prospects of
America are indeed [poor?]
All would be well did
our people stand united
But we are divided _ Instead
of aiding our Government. They
Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863
Mark Flower Letter: February 4 1863

clogg its wheels and [Embarass?]
its movements.
We have a big
Job before us _ and every re-
-source _ and Every man must
be brought into [requisition?] if we
would succeed _ if we loose _ like
the Roman’s of yore no longer
will the boast _ I am an American
Citizen. Insure respect & guarantee
protection. But Dearest. Darling
Emma Let us still hope that
God may recognize the Justice
of our cause _ and restore our
ancient Glory &. renown.
Dear &. much Loved. Emma
Pardon me for writing upon the
Political Condition of our Country
But I could not help it although
I do not despair _ I feel the
danger which threatens us.
I Remain Your Own
Promised Husband _ May
we live to witness many many
happy years _ In a country restored
from the disasters of War

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

Love to your Mother _ Respects to Johns
family _ I remain your own Mark
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