Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863


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Date: January 30, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863

Memphis Jan 30th 1863
Headquarters Genl Hamilton
Dearest, Darling Emma.
But a
few days since while at “Corinth”
I wrote you a brief letter and al=
=though this will make the second
letter’s since receiving one from you
dear Emma. Yet I do not hesitate
about writing.
No, my darling Emma
You shall hear from from Your
Mark often when he has the chance
to write. , and dear Emma _ You
must write often to me.
A few nights since
dear Emma: I had such a funny
dream. I thought the war was
over _ that I returned to Chick-
-aming _ and repared to your
Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863

Mothers residence. You was There. But
instead of the warm greeting; which I
expected. You was cold _ and oh! I
thought so heartless. I asked you
why I was thus treated. you answered
Why Mark. A school girl _ should not
be considered responsible. for her
Early fancies; which are nothing more
than every one at my age are
subject to, __ ___ __ Oh! Emma I
^ so sad _ I thought life had no
charms _ I considered every body
false _ I thought Every woman
untrue. But yet I thought I
too independant to let you
witness my feelings _
But I awoke!
It was. 12.o.clock at night _ I arose.
Left my Tent. went out into the
clear moonshine. and as I
gazed upon fair Luna’s face _
murmured to myself, ‘Twas _ but a
Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863

dream. Yes a dream. and yet
so strange. But as I stood
in the pale moonbeams _ and gazed
upon your fair features _ as dis_
played in your picture _ I was
Emma was too true.
Too Noble. Too Jenerous. to
deceive her Mark. I then con-
sidered myself foolish for alowing
myself _ to be thus disturbed by
a dream when I Knew my Emma
was all I could desire her
to be. Doubt you _ never _ until
I have reasons to _ and that
time never will come. No!
We will_ live many happy years
togather _ Providence permitting.
My Own Emma. could
I but see you this bright
January afternoon _ How happy
would I be. I wish you were

Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 30 1863

in Memphis today.
We would
go to the Theatre to night. They are
to play _ a piece entitled. The
True heart. I will think of you
dear One _ and wish you were
with me.
I heard from Charlie
Goodwin yesterday _ he has
arrived in Aurora _ He wrote he
was going to Michigan _ this week.
He is probably with you now
Charlie – although – disliked by
some can be depanded upon
every time. He is a good friend
of mine.
Deloss is with the
military Telegraph Corps I
have not seen him very lately
He always enquires about you
Give my love to your Mother,
Respects to your Bro’s family
Write - Write – Write soon
To your own loving MarK

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