Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 18, 1863
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Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863

Headquarters, 16th Army Corps.
Memphis Tenn 1863
Jan. 18th
Dearest. Darling Emma
At last
your dear good cheering letter
has reached me. Oh! Emma
How few there are in this world
who Know What True Love is
Separated from the Idol of
my affections _ With Commun-
-ication occasionally cut off
I am prepared to [illegible in original]
Thy Powers Oh! Love. I have
had only one letter from you
darling Emma in more than
one month. I have wondered
the reason why _ But I Know
it is from no lack of love _ For
you are too true too noble _ too
affectionate &. Honorable to deceive
me This is Sunday _ and although
Surrounded by the Pomp &. Splendor

[Written sideways on top left-hand side of Scan 1]

What month
& day of month
does your
Birth day
come on
Your own

[Written sideways on right-hand side of Scan 1]

Write -. Write-. Write-. Soon. Soon. Soon.
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863

of Military Desplay – you dear
One are not forgotten. No were
the Heavens and Earth to meet
I would love you the same. Oh!
Sweet Dear Emma. words Cannot
express my deep affection for you
I am not homesicK _ But I
would give money could I but
see you this Sunday _ as when
we parted at your Mothers house
but has five months of toil hard-
ships _ suffering _ and the whirl
of busy excitement _ even for ^ moment
banished my Promised Emma from
my mind? No indeed! Has the many
miles betwene us; served to render
you less dear than when the object
of my affection was near by _ No!!
“Distance lends Enchantment”
Every day _ every _ hour _ every minute.
My Love increases. You are my
own dear loved Honored Emma
And no One _ but you Knows
how dear you are to me
Let any one _ Every one
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863

talk of inconstancy _ “Broken
Promises” “Flirtations” or false
love _ Some day I will prove
to them _ that I was true. That
my promises are all fulfilled.
Do you but confide in
me. Love me as you did
when we parted _ Continue
the same as then. I ask no more
Take good care _ dear Emma
of your health. do no expose your _
self unnecessarily _ Go into Society.
Sing _ Be happy. Trust in Providence
_ and soon we will be reunited
How many times each day do
I Kiss your dear picture. Yes Emma
some day we will be happy.
prospects of Peace _ do not seem
very farr _ but we will be patient
Time flies rapidly _ The day will yet
come when we will be happier in
each others society _ than words can
express _ If we remain constant
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863
Mark Flower Letter: January 18 1863

long years of happiness will
repay us _ We will then confide
all _ Every thing in each other.
Oh how happy I will then be.
Dear Emma _ I would have
written to you oftener but for some
time bacK _ we have been scouting through
the country. We have suffered more than
a little during the past mon th. Long
Marches _ Raids upon the Enemy _ through
rain _ snow _ muck _ &. Cold weather. Sleep-
ing on the wet Cold ground without
Cover etc. etc. But such is a Soldiers
life. Charlie is at Benton Barracks
a Prisoner _ Frank is at Marine Hosp-
-ital Saint Louis _ We may remain
here some time _ But I rather
think will go to Vixburg soon
This morning 10,000 troops left
here for that place Dear Emma
Excuse pencil writing. I could not
well obtain a pen &. ink.
Address me _ now at Genl. C.S.
Hamilton head Quarters _ District
of West Tennessee. Give my Love
to your Mother. I would like
to see you all _ Respects to John & family
Write to me very soon I Remain
Your own Mark
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