Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: December 28, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862

Head Quarters_
Genl. Hamilton.
Left Wing _ Army of the Tenn.
Holly Springs Dec 28th. / 62
My Own &. much Loved Emma.
-edly you have thought. strange _ that for
the past two or three weeks _ you have recei-
-ved no letters from your dearly Loved
Mark. I should have also thought
very strange dear Emma. (Had I not
Known the Cause) for I have not heard
from you in the same length of time
The facts are Dear Emma. This Army
has been cut off from Communication with
the North for more than three weeks. Hence
you have heard nothing from me _ nor I
from you. However my own “Promised
Bride.” You have been Loved &. thought
of Just the same. What would I not
give to see My darling. this bright. Ples-
-ant morning. Every day my love in-
This City was Captured by six
Thousand Rebel Cavalry on the 20th
Inst. under Command of Maj Genl
Van: Dorn. Seventeen of our company happened
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862

to be here and were taken
Prisoner. Charlie Goodwin was
among the number &. is a Prisoner
He was Paroled &. sent (I presume)
to Benton Barracks. Saint Louis
You need not be very sur-
prised if you see him in Chickaming
before Spring _ as he intends obtaining
a Furlough until he can be Exchanged.
We lost here some Fourteen Hundred
Prisoners &. three Millions of Dollars worth
of Government Stores.
The Surrender
was a disgraceful Affair _ and
reflects upon Col. Murphy who Commanded
the Post. He permitted his troops to be
surprised when he (himself) knew the
night before that the Rebel Cav. was
only a few miles distant _ and their
intentions were upon this town.
Oxford was only 34. miles distant (with
Rail Road communications open.)
Where the Left Wing was Encamped.
He could have been reinforced
inside of three hours _ But No. he must
alow himself to be surprised his men
_ and Stores Captured with out hardly
any resistance. Shameful! Disgraceful!!
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862

We are living on quarter rations.
Pretty hard. But who’s going to grumble?
Not I. for One. I can assure you
[illegible in original] Quinleys Division 12000 men
starts for Memphis in the morning as Guide
to an Overland Wagon train which is to
bring Provisions to the Army.
Since communication North was
broken by the “Rebs.” The cavalry
have had an extraordinary amount
of labor to perform. Some times I
saddle my horse at Twelve oclock at night
and ride for “24” hours without stoping
only long enough to feed my horse.
I am Just now from One of those
trips. I am tired _ Hungry &. sleepy
and feel much more like stretching out
on the ground to rest. than waiting
But Dearest. I must finish this
letter ere I Close my eyes to sleep
for I Know you will be anxious
to hear from him you Know
loves you so dearly. When the
General returns from Memphis I
am sure he will bring me a
letter from my Darling.
Some time
ago Dearest. When our troops drove
the Enemy from their Fortifications
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862
Mark Flower Letter: December 28 1862

on the Talahatchie River I found
a letter with the name of Hattie
Wilkinson signed to it. I enclosed
it in an Envelop and sent the
to Hattie
same ^ after writing about one
doz. lines. I inform you of it that
you may understand it provid-
-ing any thing is said However
I presume she has shown the
Same to you ere this.
Emma I love you dearer every
day. You are so good so Kind
& noble. If our Army is victorious
in Virginia this winter I think the
War will close inside of ten months
Then you can calculate You will
receive more Kisses than a few.
Oh! Loved Emma how I long to
Clasp you to my heart. and feel
your dear soft cheek rest upon
my shoulder as in days of yore.
We will be patient _ Time flies
rapidly _ We shall meet again before
long _ I am confident of it.
Love to Your Mother. Respects to John
& family . many many Kisses for Emma
I am yours now &. forever. Mark.

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

Write to me often. It seems more than one year Since I received a letter
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