Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 27, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862

Head Quarters
Genl Hamilton
Near Lagrange Tenn
Nov. 27th 1862
My Promised Emma
We are now
under marching Orders _ will leave
here undoubtedly tomorow morning Early
I have had no letters from
you now for some time. _ But as
I may not have an opportunity
to write again ^ I thought I would
drop you a line.
We are probibly going
south still further.
There is to be a
“Grand forward” movement. _ And
I give it as my opinion. Rebellion
will receive a death stroke this time
Since Burnside Assumed Command
of the Army of the Potomac _ a
new life seem’s infused into The Army.
My Dear Emma. What would I
not give to see you this after noon.
Oh! Could I but see your
bright eyes _ Kiss those dear Loved
lips. Emma I would give almost
any amount. which I posessed.
I am feeling a little sad to
day. I Know not why it is so. Or
why it should be so _ But such are
the facts. I think it must be
because the mail has arrived
and no letters from my Emma

[Written sideways on top of Scan 1]

Write very
Soon to your
Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 27 1862

Then if we move in the morning
there will be no chance for
me to receive any or write while
on the march.
But my Own
Emma I Know you have
written to me if you are well
I will be patient. for I Know
you love me dearly.
what may you are Dearer
Dearer than all the world
besides to me. Oh! My Dear Girl
if I could only see you
for One hour _ then I could
tell you all.
You remember
I wrote to you in regard to
sending me your picture.
Some time ago. Enclosed
please find two dollar bill
which you can use in that
manner if Convenient. If not
in any way you may see
Dear Emma. If I
Could purchase a [illegible in original]
or some other nice present for
for you I would do so.
But I can not obtain any
such thing in the Army We
have received no money from Gov.
.ernment yet. Love to Your Mother
Write Soon to your Own Mark
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