Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 14, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862

Camp near Grand Junction
Tenn. Nov. 14th 1862
My Own Darling Emma.
Almost two
weeks ago our . Company left Corinth
as did also some twenty thousand
other Troops. Since that time I have
had no opportunity of writing to
any person. I have thought of
you I presume every hour. &.
Oh! how much would I have given
to have received One letter from
her whom I love &. honor. We
are now some three miles below
Grand Junction &. some 15 miles
from Holly Springs. the Rebel
Gibralter of the South West. Our
Advance Guard I presume
entered Holly Springs this afternoon
As I write Heavy Canonading
can be heard in that direction.
The Rebels under Price are said
to be some 70 or 80 Thousand
strong. We have Just [favored?]
a Junction with Maj Gen Grant
which makes us some 50,000 or 60,000
all told. Yet we have an abun-
dance of Artillery and feel
confident of success providing
we can succeed in bringing on
on an engagement.
Since we
left Corinth we have passed
through some fine country
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862

in which an abundance of
every thing can be found It
is preposterous. for our People to
think of starving them out. We
can never do it. We must Whip
them or Give up the job.
An Or-
-derly just arrived from the
Advance stating our troops were
enjoying Prices entire force. “So
[Mole?] it be.”
The weather continues
quite warm &. comfortable yet
we have considerably rainey weather.
My Dear Emma. Oh what would
I not give to see your plesant face
this afternoon. Could I but imp-
-rint one sweet Kiss upon your
dear lips I would give most any
Yes Dear One. I love you
with my whole heart. I am not
as some are. Mearly love when by
your side. On the contrary. “Distance
Sends Enchantment.”
Yes were I by your
side I would fold you to my heart
and Cover your face with
warm Kisses. Yes you are my
Emma aint you dearest?
Two weeks have passed away
since I have had any letters
from you. I have written two
since I have received any
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862

but I presume they will be along
soon. Probibly had I not been
on a march they would have been
received. I Know my Emma
would answer my letters promp-
-tly if she is well.
You Know my Dear
Girl I will be prompt with you.
I wanted to write to you many
many times while on the march _ but
my Knap Sack was behind with the
wagon train & I could not obtain
Pen or Paper.
My Cousin Delass Hawkins
is by my side writing to his Fannie
He says Give Emma “my best resp-
We may move from here in
the morning. if so we shall go to
the front. (Gen Hamilton. (Whoes Escort
we are now) is sick &. it depends
upon his health. If he is better
in the morning. We will go
I am writing with a
board in my lap for table _ and
it is not very substantial Consciq-
uently my writing looks sad.
Have you made the aquaintance
of Mr. [Sauress?] Ottis? I guess you
would like him very well. You
say the W. Girls have given you
his History. Pray tell what it is
I can inform. you if correct
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 14 1862

Dearest One.
Do you remember
one night when Charlie Goodwin
and I went up to your House
to see about the sail _ You handed
me a bunch of flowers which your
dear hands had pressed. I told
you that I would Keep them
I have them now – and have
Carried them in my pocket book
Your Dear Picture is of
great comfort to me. Many Kisses
does it receive daily _ But dear girl
be patient. trust to Providence &.
I guess the day is not fare distant
when we shall meet to part no more.
How is your Bro. John prospering?
Give my Love to your Mother.
How is her health? Take good
care of your own health – and
dont deny yourself society. Sing
and be “Gay &. Happy” as you can
under the circumstances.
When we
left Corinth Frank was left behind
was very sick. We have learned since
he was sent to some Northern Hospital
we dont know where. Poor Boy!
Canon are roaring now on
the advance. I dont Know how
much of a Battle is raging.
Good Bye Dear Dear Emma
Write Soon to Your own loving

[Written upside down on top of Scan 4]

Charlie Goodwin says give Emma
his Love. Deloss says mine too
Your own
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