Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 5, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862

Head Quarters
Genl. Hamilton
20 Miles below
Holly Springs
Nov. 5th 1862,
Dearest Darling Emma
Your letter
came to hand Just before we mar-
-ched from Sumkins Mills _ Six miles
below Holly Springs. As we were
under Marching Orders for the next
day _ and I (being on duty at
Genl Hamiltons Head Quarters I
raquested our friend Charlie to
write you a few lines that you
might Know we were all right.
My Own Dear Emma. Never
have I received a letter from
any One that Cheered me as
that dear good letter did. Yes
So full of devotion _ so affection-
-ate. How cheering the assurance from
you dear girl_ That what ever
misfortunes of life may befall me
yet you would remain true
to me. Emma Dear you are
a noble girl. and worthy of any
man in the land. I rejoice that
you have such great confidence
in your Mark. You say should
the misfortunes of war disable me
even then you would remain the
same. Dear One _ That is so noble. So
Self sacrificing _ How Could I demand
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862

such a sacrifice on your
part. No, I will never ask so
much of you. If Mark returns
as he left his Emma then he
would have a right to demand
her as his own darling Bride
If otherwise _ it would be asking
too much of you. But dear Girl
let us trust to that God who
rules over the destanies of "Nations".
And marks the sparows fall to return
your Mark some future day to
his Loved Emma. I have now
witnessed Three Battles _ and although
exposed have come off safe &Sound
Last night I had a dream
I dreamed my Emma and I were
happy. I thought we were attending
a Ball in Chicago _ where I was well
aquainted _ Oh! Emma we were
both so full of Joy; it makes me
even happy to think of it.
I hope you will never doubt
my affections. I shall try always. dear
Emma to make you happy_ I am
sure you will do the same.
Now for what little news I have
to communicate.
If you were to glance
over the map of our Country you
would see we were pretty well down
in “Dixie.” We found Genl. Price
strongly fortiried on the Talahatchie
River some 13 miles South from
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862

Holly Springs.
His main Fortifica
-tions were on the South side of said
river. He was very strong _ and we
had not the least doubt but a
long bloody fight would ensue.
In this we were mistaken for
he stood our canonading only
one day and under cover of
the night on the 2d Inst. made good
his escape.
Our whole Army consists
of Left Wing commanded by Genl
Hamilton _ Right Wing Commanded
by Sherman _ Center by McPherson
making a total Army of near 85,000
well drilled efficient men. Sherman
was Ordered to cross the river
by Pontoon Bridges and attack
the enemies Rear _ while we made
a simultaneous attack from the
front If this could have been
done in time. His whole Army
must have Surrendered or been
totally Anihilated.
The first day
we fought them we took to forts
on the north Bank of said
River. But the bird had flown
we are close to his [illegible in original] scrimish-
ing daily _ Where he will finally
make a Stand I have no
idea but presume at Grenada
or Jackson Miss.
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862
Mark Flower Letter: November 5 1862

We have succeeded in cap-
-turing many Prisoners _ and
many deserters are constantly
coming in. The weather is not
very cold _ But Exceedingly unp-
-lesant. Roads are in an awful
Condition. It rains _ almost
Constantly. But no murmur of
regret escapes the soldier _ We
are Confident of success. & are
bound to push the enemy “To the
I am very glad to learn
John has been Elected Represen-
tative from that District Give
Him. &Sady my very best
respect’s _ I am very buisy now
for whenever we are not march-
-ing I am writing in the Adju-
tant Genl. Department for
But when on the march
I prefer remaining in the
Company. We expect to move
our Head Quarters tomorow to
Oxford _ Eleven miles further on
the advance [Deloss?] &. Charlie
both send love.
Give my love
to your Mother. Write to me soon
My Own Dear Emma. For
you alone Know the feelings of
my Heart. I am Yours Forever

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

Excuse pencil [illegible in original] Head Quarters [illegible in original]
have not arrived and we are minus – the ink

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