Mark Flower Letter: October 31 1862


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 31, 1862
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W.D. Hawkins Letter: October 31 1862, Page: 1

W.D. Hawkins Letter: October 31 1862
W.D. Hawkins Letter: October 31 1862

Corinth Miss Oct 31st 1862
Miss Emma.
As Mark was writing
to you. about thing’s that has transpired,
while he has been in the Army. and. as
I Suppose has not mentioned my name, to
you atall. _ have taken the pleasure of
informing you that Mark. D. Flower is
a cousin of mine. and as near as I can
find out. he has been Keeping Company
with you Ever Since he has been in Michigan.
If it is So., I must inform you that he
has been looking for Some young lady
down in this country. but the Only one
W.D. Hawkins Letter: October 31 1862, Page: 2

W.D. Hawkins Letter: October 31 1862
W.D. Hawkins Letter: October 31 1862

he can find is of a dark Collor or what we
call "Sun burnt Yankee’s" I Expect you
will think it Strange of my writing in
Such a "Strain" but there is nothing Else
of importance. I only wish to Say Keep on
, and may the blessing of heaven rest upon
you and Your Mark.
If You will write and Send me a good
revolver. I will take good care of him, and
Keep all the Southern Girls away from
him. and if the God of Battles will
protect him I will see that you and
"him" meet in about One Year.
Yours Truly.
W.D. Hawkins
Write Soon. Corinth Miss
if you please
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