Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 30, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862

Corinth. Miss.
Oct 30th 1862
Head Quarters. Gen Hamilton
My Own Dear Emma.
What a
comfort your dear good letter
are to me. Words cannot express
the thrill of Joy which I experiance
when your letters are received.
With what haste is the seal broken
With what delight is every word
read _ and pondered over. You
alone dear &. much love Emma
can tell my feelings. Let me
tell you about the receipt of
your last. Yesterday afternoon
General Hamilton sent for me
to report to his Adjutants
for the purpose of writing some
Master Roles. Well while bussy writing
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862

an Orderly came in with
the mail. He threw down three
bearing my address. One was
from you dear dear loved
Emma. I threw down my
pen _ and opened yours. The
Adjutant said “Mark cant you
finish that paper &. then read
your letters?” My answer was _ “No
Sir. I must read this letter first
He said “is it from your
Sweet Heart.?” My answer was
yes. Then said he go ahead.
and I did go ahead for I
read it over three times &. then
finished my writing. O! Emma
Dear Emma. How I wanted
to write to you. My pen wanted
to spell your name. But the
Business was important &. I could
not. yet Darling you know I
am always as prompt with you
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862

as circumstances will permitt.
Emma Dear. I would give
almost any thing to see you if
only for One Day _ or hour. But
yet that is not possible at pres-
-ent _ however Providence permitting
we shall some day meet never
to be separated in this life. O!
Dearly dearly Loved Emma wont
that be a happy day for us.
I am proud of you dear Emma.
You are so Kind _ so Affectionate
So true & sincere. Yes My Own
Emma I will ever prove true
to you.Will ever love you de-
-votedly. Will ever endevor to
prove myself worthy, of your deep-
-est love. Yes. I Know you will
ever be true to me _ wont you dear?
You ask my advice in
regard to going to School this
Winter. Why Emma. If you
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862

have a good teacher. I
would comence going _ and
if it injures your health. why
quit by all means _ for I would
not have you injure your
health for any thing in
the wide wide world. I wish
you would write about that
letter which Charlie Goodwin
wrote to me and which fell
into some ones hand _ and
was written all over by some one.
And further I have some
interest in knowing _ the per-
ticulars of that letter which
the W. Girls have in their pos-
-ession and written by myself
I received a letter from
my friends in Minnesota
yesterday. Father was [infund?]
to the amount of several
thousand Dollars. But writes
the Indian War nearly ceased
_ and thanks God that it is
no worse.
We sent five Thousand
troops from here to Bolivar
Tenn. last night. Report says
that place has been attacked
by Sterling Price with 30,000 Troops.
I think we shall have some fighting
here soon.
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862, Page: 5

Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862

[1862, Oct. 30]

Dear Emma. During the Battle
at Corinth. I had an order
to be delivered to the 3.d Michigan
Battery _ which at that time was
bussily engaging the Rebels. I rode
through a shower of bullets _ up to
the Battery_ when under the heaviest
firing. Who should I meet but
a Woman with a Revolver buck-
-led around. her. Of course I was
surprised. _ and said I to her
Madam. You had better go
to the Rear of the Line of Battle.
Said she “Never. My Husband
is Lieutenant in that Battery
_ and I never will leave this spot
while he is in danger.” I passed
by _ went to the Battery. Delivered
my message. but concluded she
was a brave woman &.. Loved her

[Written upside down on top of Scan 5]

Emma Dear. Cousin [Delars?]
has been writing a lot of
trash. But he is a good Boy.
and full of fuss. If you see
fit answer his letter & Charlies
His first name is [illegible in original] you
can [tuck?] him up on that
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862, Page: 6

Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 30 1862

Husband. What do you
think? I have nearly recovered
from my sickness. I feel very
well now. Frank does not imp-
-rove at all We fear he never will
be any better. Charlie is all_
right. I am glad your brother
has obtained a furlough. On all
your accounts.
I have Just re-
-ceived Orders to report to Head
Quarters & must close
Write often Dear Loved Emma
Love to your Mother &. Respects
to [illegible in original] &. Family. You have both
Love & heart. For I am yours
alone _ now &. forever.
My Cousin W.D. Hawkins &.
Charlie Goodwin say they are
going to write to you. I tell them
to go ahead I will send it
I am yours alone Mark

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 6]

P.S. Write Soon. Dear Emma Pay [Delars?]
off in his own coin if you write a [illegible in original]
Ask Delars how he likes} I am your I miss
[2 words illegible in original] Mark
Take good care of your health
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