Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862


Creator: Mark Flower
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 26, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862

Corinth Oct 26. / 62

Dearly Loved Emma.
So long
a time had elapsed since I
had received a letter from you
that I began to worry on your
account. I feared you were
sick. But darling Emma when
your letter was handed to me
this morning I was happy. Yes
happy &. Contented as I ever am
when your letters are handed to
me. Oh! Loved One. I would
give any thing could I but hold
you to my heart this Sunday morn-
ing _ and Kiss those dear lips as I
have done in day’s before. If the
Wilkinson Girls refer to us _ as to me
when speaking of “broken Promises,” I will
if Providence spares our lives prove
to them _ that Mark is true &. when
he maide love to his Emma he
was in Earnest.
This is my “first
love.” during my short life. I have

Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862

^ much for one as young as I
I have seen considerable
of all classes of People. Wealthy &. Poor
Handsome &. Unfair. In my travels
Dear Emma. I have been thrown
among many Beautiful Girls or
Young Ladies. Many of them would
willingly have received my attentions
But among the “High” in life there
is in too many instances _ nothing
to charm an admirer of Humanity
You can find nothing but soph-
istry _ Nothing true or sincere. Oh!
Emma. Many many Times have I
blessed the day that brought me
to Chickaming. and why? Only be-
-cause _ there I made the aquaintance
of her whom I love with all my
heart _ Because their my “prom-
ised Bride” lives. From the moment
I first made your aquaintance
I loved you _ and although at
first I did not [crowed?] my suit
it was because I wished to study
your nature. I wished to know you
I wished to know whether there was
any prior claim to mine
You must remember. I used
Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862

to ask you many queer ques-
-tions. When I first made your
aquaintance. Oh! My Loved &. Prom-
-ised Emma. I am sorry we did
not let our Love be known
before _ how happy we should have
been _ But then let us be patient
the time will come _ by the bless-
-ing of Providence when we will be
united never to be separated more.
I am some as you say you are
I cannot find words to express my
love. But if I could only see
you press my lips to your &.
imprint a kiss on your dear
cheek. Yes could I but look into your
Eyes. then I could tell you all
I am sorry to learn that [Hening?]
[Noasse?] is so pure minded _ that when
his Country Calls him he cannot
respond. I care not what society
I am thrown into. I can resist
any &. all evil influences. No Sweet
Darling Emma. It is not his Con-
-scientious scruples. But a lack of
Sometimes I think we
will end this war by one year
Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862
Mark Flower Letter: October 26 1862

from this fall. Then at other times
when I look forward to what
we have got to do. Judging from
the past. then it seemes as though
it would last for years.
We have whipped them out
very well in the west &. all that
remains yet to be done _ is for
our Eastern Troops. to do their part
as well.
This is the “sunny South” &.
I am of the opinion , that you
cant have much worse weather
on the Lake shore than we have
had here for several day’s
Last night it snowed hard
all night _ and it seemed very much
like winter. The Boy’s took it with
very good grace _ for they thought
it would be extremely hands
on. the Confederate Soldiers
and they are willing to stand
any thing providing the Southern
Soldiers have to take the same
I have Just received a Box of
sundries from my People _ con-
taining . many delacacies. Jellies. Dried
fruit cakes. etc. etc. besides clothing etc.
I am comfortable &. shall be as
long as I have that kind of friends
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