Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: September 9, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862

Camp near Iuka Miss.
Head Quarters
Gen Rosencranse
Sept 9th 1862
My Own Loved Emma,
Your dear good
^ was handed to me this morning and Oh!
dearest Emma _ only those who love Deeply
Truly _ and Devotedly. Know how happy
&. contented. That noble letter caused me
to feel.
No. My Own Emma, It were
impossible for any Person to
to Love more devotedly than you
and I. Words can not Express my
feelings. Could I see you press you
to my heart, Kiss your dear lips, and
listen to your interesting conversation
I might then tell you all. Oh! how
sorry I am that we did not learn
to love each other before _ for after I
learned to love you I was then
happy even in the Back Woods
Yes happy _ &. Such happiness as
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862

never never before experienced.
Yes dearest Emma, where you
are there I am contented. We hope
Some time to be united for ever. wont
we dear Girl? And when I return
Providence permitting we will
prove to our friends in Chicka-
-ming that Mark was no Coquet
But true Everlastingly true to his
dear Emma whom he loves so
dearly _ So devotedly _ So wildly
&. So Earnestly. I know you will be-
lieve me when I tell you. when
I reassure you that I will ever
stand true to my word _ and you
know that I have told you many
times how much I loved you &.
that I will ever be true to you –
and dear Emma I thank
you too for voluntarily prom-
ising to be true to me to the
last. Dearest should Providence
will that I might never return
to you – be assured my last mom-
-ents shall be occupied in thinking
of you. the Enemy even now

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 2]

Unless we are taken Prisoners. Your letters will ever be
answered promptly.
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862

are advancing upon us & par –
hapse long before you receive this
we may fight the Rebels. If they
attack this place I am resolved
to fight like a true Soldier _ and
I am sure You dear Girl would
prefer hearing that I had Died
nobly at my post – than to learn
of one cowardly – or Dishonorable
act on my part.
But dear Emma
my Own Loved Girl. Me thinks I see in
the future many many happy years
in Store for us. Years that will
be blessed with the fruits of true
Love. You know the old saying
“The course of true Love never runs
smooth -” Let our case prove an
exception to the general rule.
Tell me
Darling in your next if you think
you could unhesitatingly Join
your destination with mine for
ever. Sometimes I feel as you
say you do _ viz that I can’t stand
it with out seeing you _ and
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862

Kissing those dear lips. So sweet
to me. Had not I considered it
my duty to Enlist I would have
remained with you for you
can be sure the lot of a soldier
is hard at best. But Loved One
Our [fire?] sides were in danger
of being usurped by Traytor hands
, and had I failed to responde I
should have been unworthy of one
so good as you. Let those Wilkinson
girls treat you cool if they desire.
You are too good to be misused by
them. But you shall have my Love
to compensate. If I could only see
you for one day I would be happy
for I have so much to communicate
But we will be patient. the time
will some-day come (“Happy day”)
Your Picture remains next my
heart and many kisses are impr-
-inted on the cold glass which covers
your image. But dear Emma you
remember I told you ^ looked sad which
was unlike you. If you can have
another taken and send me in letter do
so. &. I will pay for it. for I know
it is hard for you &. your mother
to get along these Hard Times.
Please excuse this _ I can only get ink
enough to address the letter. It looks
very bad &. I presume you will not
make it out for I am a miserable hand
with pencil. I Remain Yours alone
For Ever Mark

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

If I am sick the Boys will take care of me.
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862, Page: 5

Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862

Never complain of your
writing for your letters are
First – rate. Well composed and
written. Do not undervalue Your
self for Your mind is strong &
well dissaplined. You are a good
Girl &. I am sure most every
one loves you.
Rumor says the
Rebel Army is advancing upon
this place _ Contrabands are
arriving by Hundreds _ also white
families from _ a Town East of
here called Tuscombia _ They report
the Town in ashes. If they out-
-number us our retreats will be
to Corinth. We are fortified &. number
five thousand _ The Enemy are said
to number 10, or 15 thousand. Let
them come.
Boys send best respects
to you &. your Mother.
Since I came
to this town have heard my
friend W.I. Terry has received
a position in the Army _ However
if he goes there _ I will send the
letter of Introduction over
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862, Page: 6

Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 9 1862

He has always pretended to be
a good friend of mine &. if
he goes there it will be from my
recommend. Love to your
Mother. and many Kisses
and lots of Love for you
My address now is
Co. A. Cavalry Escort to
Gen Rosencranse via
I Remain
Your Own
This letter is disconnected
but who can write anything
interesting in a noisy Camp
Your Lover
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