Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: September 4, 1862
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Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862, Page: 1

Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862

Corinth Miss
Sept 4th 1862
My Own Darling Emma.
We have just
arrived in this place of note. Noted
because a few months ago General
Beauregard with an Army Estimated
from Eighty – to – One Hundred Thousand
men held in check the Grand
Army of Maj General Halleck for
nearly two months _ The place is
very strongly fortified. the Streets
are strewn Even yet with Canon
Balls, Bombs Guns spiked, and
dismantled etc. etc.
Many trophies
of the Great Battles of “Pittsburg Landing”
are to be seen which have been
brought from the field of Battle
I will give you a brief
History of our Exploits since we
left Saint Louis. (I wrote to you
from that place)
We received
Transportation from Saint
Louis to This place Via Memphis
which is some Six Hundred Miles
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862, Page: 2

Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862

below the former places We were
two days and three nights making
the voyage during which time
we lived in the most [illegible in original] style
of a soldier for we were compelled
(Notwithstanding our good looks and
the money in our pockets) to stay upon
the Hurricane Deck of the Steam boat
and Eat Bakers Bread and water
me thinks I hear you laugh_ I know
we all took it in good part and many
a rich Joke was cracked by my
good friends , and Companions
in Arms.
Upon our arrival at Memp-
=his we learned That the Rail Road
leading to Corinth was Controled by
the Secessionists and fearing they would
not fancy Blue Coats with Brass Buttons
it was thought best to retrace our
steps as far as Columbus (The
right way in the first place) and take
the United States Military Rail Road
through Ky. &. Tenn. Accordingly we
procured Transportation on board
the first Boats bound up the
River. We passed many Gun Boats
, and five Thousand Rebel exchanged
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862, Page: 3

Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862

Prisoners who were taken at Fort
Donaldson. As we passed they Hurr-
-ayed for the “Southern Confederacy” and
Jeff Davis. In return we Hurrayed
for Lincoln and the Union and
asked them if they Ever visited Fort
Donaldson to which last remark an
inquiry they made no reply_
There was
one Transaction during the trip that
in spite of my “Hard Heart” brot tears
to my Eyes. At Memphis Several
sick soldiers were put on board the
boats bound for Northern Hospitals. During
the passage One poor spirit passed
from its owner to Eternity. No Kind
Mother Sister Brother or Father near to
sooth him_ No kind friend to say
good Bye. But among strangers in
a Strange land his spirit fled _
His Soldier Coat was drawn around
him, he was placed in a rough
Box, and at the first landing
a hole (not a grave) was dug and
his last remains were lowered [illegible in original] it
by the Deck hands of the Boats One
of whom. remarked, “Well old fellow
you can rest there. and when Gabriel
blows his Trump, you will probibly hear
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862, Page: 4

Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862
Mark Flower Letter: September 4 1862

him. He sleeps in [Tenn?].
Our passage
through Tenn. was not very plesant
for we were in an Enimies Country
and they were then within a short
distance of us. We passed within four
miles of where they were fighting our
Troops. Our Company is forty
miles from this place. I join
them tomorow. Providence per mitting.
Well dearly Loved Emma I have
wrote the news up to date. The Climate
is so warm and the Hardships
through which I have passed for
the last week makes me nearly un_
fit for writing but I would write
to her whom I love so very dearly.
Oh! What wouldent I give to see you
dear Emma My Love increases
Every day Your picture is carried
next my heart all the time Many
many Kisses are lavished upon
it But no Kisses do I receive in return.
However by the aid of Providence. We will
again meet. Methinks in the future I
see a Picture of Happiness and
you and I [illegible in original] Emma are.
the principle subject of the scenes Let us
wait patiently Let us hope for the best. Let us
remain true to each other and the
final reward for all will be forth coming
One sweet Kiss darling Emma Write Soon
&. very often I have not received any letter from
you but the one which I answered at Saint Louis

[Written sideways on left-hand side of Scan 4]

Boys send Respects my Love to your Mother
you have mine

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