Havens Letter: May 27 1866


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: May 27, 1866
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Relation: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 14
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Havens Letter: May 27 1866, Page: 1

Havens Letter: May 27 1866
Havens Letter: May 27 1866

Paw.Paw. Mich
May 27. 1866

Dear Nell.
Not knowing
what else to do. I will try and
scratch off a few lines to you
to let you know how the world
wags out this way. Tis anything
but favorable I can assure
you. Hardly had I eaten my
dinner on Friday when a
cry of fire was heard and
before sundown every building
on Main Street between the
hotels was level with the earth
and some of them a little
lower. The fire broke out in
the third store west of the
Dyckman House. on the north
side of main street and all

Havens Letter: May 27 1866, Page: 2

Havens Letter: May 27 1866
Havens Letter: May 27 1866

the buildings on that side of
the street were soon in flames
and soon after those on the other
side also. Nineteen buildings
then. one dwelling house back
of the stores north of main street
and one barn a little ways north
of here were burned. A good
share of the contents of all
the stores with the exception
of Smiths were saved. or carri^
out at least. The loss is estima
ted at $100,000. a pretty big
sum for Paw Paw to lose.
There was no fire engine
nor any reservoir for water
and ‘twas almost a miracle
that any portion of the town
was saved. A great many
persons were completely tucker
ed out. The Court House
caught fire once and how
Havens Letter: May 27 1866, Page: 3

Havens Letter: May 27 1866
Havens Letter: May 27 1866

twas ever saved is a mys
tery to me..
what I shall do now is
more than I can imagine
but shant lay still long.
I’ll bet.
Had a letter from Coz.
Helen yesterday. Folks in
usual health. Had whole bags
of letters Friday and some
pictures among them. Also
got some of my Photo’s and
will enclose one.
Nothing more at
present will write again
if anything turns up. If
you know of any one that
wants to hire a cheap boy
to do chores send me word
E R Havens
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