Havens Letter: October 1 1865


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 1, 1865
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Havens Letter: October 1 1865 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: October 1 1865
Havens Letter: October 1 1865

Fremont House
Denver City C.T.
Sunday Oct. 1st 1865
Dear Nell.
Here I am as you may
see ‘putting on airs” in the great metropolis
of that portion of sundown lying east of the Rocky
Mountains. “Variety is the spice of life” you know
and my Hitherto checkered career is fast arriving
at another spot. After trying all sorts of life
through the past three years. “braking in” for five
months at Grand Rapids. roughing it in Wash
ington Fairfax along the Occoquan O and A RR
through Va. Penna and Maryland. six mon. then
bumming thirteen more. afterwards roughing it
in the Shenandoah Valley along the James river
Va for 6 months more. “bumming” again at
City Point almost three months. [haversing?] over
land from the Atlantic to the heart of the Rocky
Mountains spending two months among the
wilds of Colorado. I now find myself 12
days before the time when I should cry quits
Havens Letter: October 1 1865 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: October 1 1865
Havens Letter: October 1 1865

with Uncle Sam. seated in a little 8 foot
square room in a “real” chair my feet on a “real”
bed covered with a “real” coverlet and engaged
in writing you a letter from the town that but
a few years ago was not Kansas but which
now. if all accounts be true rivals many an
eastern town that is its senior by many years
As to its size business wealth and civilization
I can say but little. We arrived here at 10 oclock
last night and it being Sunday I have been
too lazy to break or even bend the Sabbath by
roaming around through the streets and too
wicked to go to church and consequently I
have remained in my hotel with a desire to
wait a few days ere I [illegible in original] this vast execres
cence of civilization this shoot so far away from
its Mother stem. then I will give you my
ideas of matters in general and Denver in par
In saying me I did not mean to convey
the idea that all of us are here. By no
means. I with 5 other officers of our regiment
are made the recipients of what you might call
and what every one but the recipients call
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Havens Letter: October 1 1865
Havens Letter: October 1 1865

a “soft thing.” A General Court Martial
has been instituted and we detailed as a
portion of its members. It is very likely that
it will continue in session nearly if not quite
all winter. as we have a Captain of our regiment
detailed as Judge Advocate who has done nothing
else, almost ever since he joined the regiment at
Boonesboro Md. and who delights in ^ and being
considerably “on it” will prolong the affair
as long as possible. I can not say that I
am exceedingly well pleased with the detail.
I have seen things I liked much better in
prospect but ca’n’t tell anything about it as
yet. If the charges at the hotels for board
are any evidence of the prosperity of the town
I think it must be in quite a healthy condition
Board is only four dollars a day for transient
boarders 12 a week without rooms. and 20
with rooms for regular boarders so that
with a salary of 450 per day it will cost
all of it to pay one’s board and your “soft”
thing proves to be rotten as well as soft
however I think I sha’n’t submit to so much
bloodletting very long.

Havens Letter: October 1 1865 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: October 1 1865
Havens Letter: October 1 1865

I came down from Va Dale on the Overland
Coach starting night before last at 1 oclock
Below Fort Collins the country is entirely new
to me and I found very pleasant Twenty miles
below the Fort we crossed quite a large creek with
quite a settlement at the station and 8 miles farther
another ten miles farther and we reached
Burlington on St Vrains creek quite a settle
ment mostly farmers, but with a tavern. blacksmith
shop, store etc. and I saw two or three of its female citizens
that were quite comely in form and feather. We got
a good dinner at the tavern. After seven P.M. we
stopped for supper at a station seven miles from
here and got an excellent meal of fried pork steak
with appropriate “chicken fixins” There is much
good farming country between here and
Fort Collins and I saw crops of corn stacks
of wheat and immense amounts of hay all along the
road Hay is about the surest and most profitable
crop this country affords bringing in the winter from
ten to 25 cents a pound and always is in good demand
I find this a good hotel there are good rooms. good
beds. good meals. [2 words illegible in original] girls and big changes
all of which so far as my experience in hotel life goes
constitute a good hotel.
Time’s precious. mind confused. no news
to write and I think I’ll close. Have’n’t had
a letter from you or any other man “for a month
or less. The Gentleman in black” has got hold of the
mail I reckon. Do’n’t forget me entirely but conde
scend to write once more directing to simply Denver
City C.T.
Yours Truly
E R Havens

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