Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862


Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862
Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862
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Creator: Abel Peck
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 24, 1862
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Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862, Page: 1

Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862
Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862

[Penciled in [1862]]
      Oct 24th Near Bakers Ville Camp [Peneyman?]
          Dear Childe
                yours of the 9 [inst?] came
safe to hand the 22 [illegible in original] & I was glad to hear from
you and that you are well
you say you are sorey that I am in [Abe?]
[Lellows?] armey but the old soldiers say he
is the General for all others [Milton Elias?]
the young man that was at Grandpas last
year to [hire?] says he is the [flower?] of
the armey he says [let Abe cum?] along
and the men are out in a hurey to
sea him I can hardley tel what I have wrote
I think we ware at Fredrick when I wrote
last we left thare and march [20?] miles
on over sum prety good country on v
over apart of the batel field of South
maountain and onto S to Sharps Burgh
near the Antetum batelfield the houses
ware badly [rideld?] we camped a bout one
mile fromt he Burgh and went over
the batelfield it was a sight that
I hope you will never a sea and yet
I should like to have you sea it but it
is a harde sight thare is one trunck
Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862, Page: 2

Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862
Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862

whare they say thare is one hundred
& 50 Rebels buried and the graves are
plenty whare our men ly but the
friends of our men have few and
removed [sum?] of them Houses and Barns
are destroyed and ond one Church is
[badley?] [illegible in original] it is a brick one and
will have to be rebilt if our [illegible in original]
thing is [done?] with it the wods a round
the Church look as if it had haled
cast iron it is [sayd?] to have bin the
hardest batel ever fought on the Conti
nant that is thare was the most heavy
artilery used we left Camp [illegible in original]
4 days ago and came hear it is about
five miles and we received orders to
have two days rations in our haversacks
but we have not received orders to move
yet to day we are to have general
inspection and what will cum next I
cannot say we are in HOokers Corps Gibbens
brigade they are [illegible in original] good Generals
and our Col is a fine man and he
has the confidence of the men they
think hs is a bout right
we have verey fine weather except it is
verey dry and has bin verey dustey
marching it is not so bad as it has ben
Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862, Page: 3

Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862
Abel Peck Letter: October 24, 1862

we have onley [2 words scratched out] two or three
frosts but the nights are cool the
days are warm and fine this is the
best part of one lb & I have seen
it is roling [3 words illegible in original] but is strong
or thare is [illegible in original] that hurt the Cooks
of the land but the corn is good and
they have sum verey fine brick and
stone Barns the houses are not as good
I must close for [illegible in original] give my love
to all and if you sea Ela Ella
reminde hur of me and tel hur that
I love hur and think not that I have
forgoten you if I am [illegible in original] a way
I new wrote to Joseph a few days ago
days ago
and sent you a spcimin of confederate
good by Dear Childe from your
Miss Alice M Peck Abel G Peck

P.S. Please direct to
1st Armey Corps
Gibbens Brigade
Washington DC
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