Havens Letter: April 29 1865


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 29, 1865
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Havens Letter: April 29 1865
Havens Letter: April 29 1865

Camp Remount City Point Va
Saturday Eve April 29th /65

Dear Nell.
Yours of 23d came to hand this
evening and I have seated myself at my table to answer
it. I received a letter from Father and Mother yesterday
which I shall answer soon. There is but little news
afloat at the present time immediately from this vicinity
Everything is quiet as usual.. jogs along in the same old
humdrum style. Fortunately we have received our mail daily
during this past week which make things much more
pleasant and interesting than it has been heretofore.
General news. and that of a most importante and
pleasant character has been coming to our ears. Yesterday
came the report that official intelligence from Gen Grant
had been received that Joe. Johnston had surrendered
and a salute of one hundred guns was imme
diately fired. As the newspapers do not usually arrive
here until forty eight hours after date we have not
seen the official announcement in them. Today
we received yesterday mornings papers which say
nothing about, it
Havens Letter: April 29 1865, Page: 2

Havens Letter: April 29 1865
Havens Letter: April 29 1865

They have now got through with the Obsequies of our
late. honored President and have today given a full
account of the interview beyond. between Sherman
and Joe Johnston. It states that Kilpatrick and
Wade Hampton had a pretty wordy conflict on
meeting. What little I know of “Kills” progress
proficiency with his tongue leaves me in little
doubt as to which one had the best of it. He is
just as good with tongue as with sword
Again we have received the full particulars
of the shooting of Booth and the capture of
Harrold. his accomplice. A rumor was received
day before yesterday of the affair and in the papers
of yesterday morning we got the full particulars
This is the cheapest. easiest. and most certain way
of punishing him although many wh wh would
much rather have had him captured. tried. condem
ned and die the death of a common felon.
As I said before. everything is the same. We get lots
of new recruits. conscripts. etc. “The last run of Shad”
as the boys call them. They come in each day in
squads of from fifty two hundred men each
and as my business is to furnish them rations
it makes my hands full of work you bet.
I pity the poor fellows. they will have such hard

Havens Letter: April 29 1865, Page: 3

Havens Letter: April 29 1865
Havens Letter: April 29 1865

times before I they get home again.
The 9th Burnsides Corps has gone to Washington
and from a letter I received today from E.D. Cooke. I
learn that they are to releive the [V.R.C.’s?] who are
soon to be mustered out. If Johnston has surrendered
we shall soon know what disposition is to be made
of us. there is yet two months. before the “Fourth” and
I still cling to the opinion that I shall turn up
in the “Bend” about that time.
Revolution seems to be the word with all and it
seems from your letter that a revolution among
the young folks of Berrin County is now going on.
Well such things are of service sometimes. What kind
of a fellow are you any way, Nell? You surprise me by
speaking of playing “Knight errant” for Cousin C -------.
but you ought to know best. “you’ve lived in the country
all the days of your life” so go ahead.. I got a letter
from Lucy J. yesterday in which she said Harrison
Barnhouse was married a few days before but for
got to state who was the bride. I wish some one would
inform me. Without any hypocrisy whatever. I am sorry
to learn that Mattie is not making a good match.
In my opinion, she is worthy of a good man and
ought to be sensible of it. I trust however she will
never repent of her choice
Havens Letter: April 29 1865, Page: 4

Havens Letter: April 29 1865
Havens Letter: April 29 1865

I have had a windfall this week. Our company
baggage which was left behind when we left Winchester
arrived near here on Wednesday. and Thursday I
went through my company desk and put my hands on
some things I wanted very much. among them my photog
graph Album which I wanted as I had some pictures
I wanted to put into it for good [illegible in original]. I have received
two the past week. One from a cousin of mine the
other from the “Bend” and have now a collection I am
not ashamed to have any one see. My “cousin” looked
as natural as old cheese and I still assert that she
beats your “Sucker.” “Little Mack.” “Camp Meeting Snishy”
and in fact the whole batch of your crack ones. and
when you come to see it if you don’t acknowledge the
corn I’ll licke you [damage?]. As I have a few more than
I can put in my album I will enclose a few of
my soldier comrades in this. which you will much
oblige me by preserving. I begin to think I shall never
get those two I left for you to obtain for me. If it were
not so late in the season I might send a dunning
letter after them but as it is I think I will not
Not but what it might be a very lucrative em
ployment. but because I have not the time to carry
on a very extensive correspondence. and my power
as a letter writer are failing fast. Do you not think
so? I Have not seen a Richmond Whig lately
but will send you the first I can obtain. and
also a Petersburg Daily Express if I can obtain one.
Last night I intended to go to Richmond today
but not being able to make connections through
I was disappointed but have some hopes of going
some day next week and then I’ll make an
official report. ‘Till then or some other time remember
me as
Your Aff. Brother Ed
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