Havens Letter: April 19 1865


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 19, 1865
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Havens Letter: April 19 1865, Page: 1

Havens Letter: April 19 1865
Havens Letter: April 19 1865

Hd. Quarters Camp Remount
Near City Point Va
April 19th 1865
Dear Nell.
Yours of April 6th came to hand
this evening brought from the regiment by an
officer who paid it a visit and returned today..
and toda tonight I will try to answer it.. the cavalry
is now in camp some two miles beyond Petersburg
and it is expected that they will remain there to
recruit and repair until their services are needed else
where and about day after tomorrow I hope to join
them. I was never so homesick in my life. and
know of nothing that will do me as much good as
a sight of the old regiment..
I do not think it worth my time to enumerate
any items of news. that is. of general news. as they reach
you as soon as they do me and in my semi occasional
notes I have told you what I thought of events up
to the time of the horrible and tragic death of our
loved President The event struck a chill of horror through
every one here and no one could find words sufficient
to express the deep emotions. caused by its announcement
Havens Letter: April 19 1865, Page: 2

Havens Letter: April 19 1865
Havens Letter: April 19 1865

The people of the south feel that their loss in his
death is as great as is those of the north. Citizens
and soldiers alike express the same sentiments
Yesterday having but little or nothing to do I procured
a pass and in a company with a friend went to
Petersburg. We concluded to take the railroad as the
most speedy mode of conveyance and were fortunate
enough to obtain a seat on the same train with
Gen. Sheridan who having spent a few trains days
at City Point was going to Petersburg to join the
cavalry. I took a very prominent seat on the front
end of the top of the front car and a good strong
wind blowing directly in our faces the rascally fire
men took great delight in punching up the fire
and making the smoke. cinders and steam so that
our faces caught it all. Just as we entered Peters
burg “Little Phil” attempted to perform a great strategetic
movement. and [“geeing”?] his car out tried to run
by us, but he soon found himself “bunt” up against
a post which put a stop to his farther progress in
that direction. We found much to admire in Peters
burg. It bears the name of the Cockade City
and deserves it in my opinion. It covers an
area of nearly four miles square as well laid
out and nicely built
Havens Letter: April 19 1865, Page: 3

Havens Letter: April 19 1865
Havens Letter: April 19 1865

I saw a great many rich and beautiful
mansions on some of its suburban streets. The
town was very quiet and but for the stores and
public business buildings being open and an occa
sional sentry slowly pacing his beat. I should
have imagined myself in some northern city
on Sunday.. We called on a family where my
comrade had visited before and found the lady very
sociable and interesting and spent an hour or more
very pleasantly. She could talk a perfect stream
and was well informed and it was almost impossi^
to get away from here The town was full of “Johnny’s”
at home on parole all seeming joyful and happy
All that we talked with expressed great satisfac
at the conduct of our troops since they had been
there. I was amused at the answer given by an
old negro woman whom we asked how she liked
the Yanks. “O!” says. she. “they are brave boys. valiant
boys. United States boys. dey never undertake
any ting widout. dey go trou. wid it.” Several
citizens have opened their stores then and are
doing a thriving business. and I felt that I
was in a civilized place once more. We returned
to camp about dark and I felt that I
had been repaid for my [tramp?]..
Havens Letter: April 19 1865, Page: 4

Havens Letter: April 19 1865
Havens Letter: April 19 1865

Now I would like to visit Richmond
but no soldiers are allowed to go there
unless on business under orders and I
guess that I’ll have to take it out in [wanting?]
But as its getting bedtime and I’ve
got a big job on hand tomorrow I guess
that I’ll quit writing for this time.
Hoping this will find all unscathed
by the small pox and all the other ills
incident to human flesh and meet with
a speedy answer I remain
Fraternally Yours
E R Havens

A long life and a happy one to our
friends who are contemplating entering the
state of matrimony is the wish of

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