Havens Letter: April 8 1865


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 8, 1865
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Havens Letter: April 8 1865, Page: 1

Havens Letter: April 8 1865
Havens Letter: April 8 1865

[Written on top left-hand side of Scan 1]

Direct to. Div 7 Mich Cav
Remount Camp
City Point


Remount Camp
Near City. Point Va.
April 8th 1865
Dear Nell.
I feel rather lonesome
tonight and as though I wanted
to talk or write to someone. but
although I am owing several indi
viduals letters I can not persuade
myself that I can write any
of them an interesting letter and
so have concluded to trouble you with
some of my nonsense. It is
an old saying that “there is nothing
new under the sun” and just as
I now feel I could not dispute that
assertion.. This confounded life that we
are compelled to lead here in this infer
nal most miserable of all holes is enough
to kill any strong minded person
in twenty four hours.
Havens Letter: April 8 1865, Page: 2

Havens Letter: April 8 1865
Havens Letter: April 8 1865

The thought of what one is losing
at the present time by being absent
from his commmand. and especially
when that command is Gen Sheridan’s
is enough to make any one miserable
in the lowest degree. Such glorious
news as we hear from the front
every day in which our cavalry
plays a most conspicuous part is
enough to cause ones cup of rejoicing
to overflow. yet when we realize that
our place is with that army. the
dreg of sorrow. embitters the whole.
Fitz Hugh Lee. Six general Officers
fifteen thousand prisoners and an
immense number of cannon are
said to have been captured by
“Little Phil” a few days ago. and
the official despatches to the War
Dept.. from Gen Grant represent
everything as “lovely” indeed
Sherman says he hopes or
expects to be able to muster out

Havens Letter: April 8 1865, Page: 3

Havens Letter: April 8 1865
Havens Letter: April 8 1865

the bravest and best little
army that ever trod the earth
within the next four months..
Wont that be joyful and yet I am
the thing it will knock lots of
us out of a good job and turn
us loose to shift for ourselves
which we are not accustomed
to doing..
I have not heard from
the regiment since the occupation
of Richmond and Petersburg except
through Sheridans dispatches.
We often hear persons speak
of going to Petersburg and Richmond
and I have not become sufficiently
accustomed to it yet to dismiss
from my mind the thoughts of
Libby on Belle Island as yet.
A semi daily line of steamers
is running between City Point and
Richmond and any one obtaining
the proper permit may take a trip
Havens Letter: April 8 1865, Page: 4

Havens Letter: April 8 1865
Havens Letter: April 8 1865

to the late rebel capital and return
for two dollars. I mean to make
a trip next week if possible. but at pres
ent I can not say whether I shall go or
not. Every day yet I have had all I could
do to attend to the peculiar duties of my posi
tion. and work a great deal harder than
the “regulations” require. It is’nt half so hard
to take hold of a new business when you have
some one to take the lead who knows more
than you do. as it is to start out with no
one to tell you how or help in the least.
but rather to depend upon you to find out
for both what they don’t do. I’m not try
ing to complain of any one because if a person
don’t know anything they are not to be blamed
for it..
I’m cross to night and feel like find
ing fault with some one and I want to
know why Father or Mother or both dont
write to me. I have’nt had a word from
one of them since I was home There are
about a dozen persons I ought to write
to in the Bend and vicinity and am
going to just as soon as I can get the
time. Wish they would’n’t wait but write
and I will answer. The bugle is just
sounding tattoo and so I guess I’ll
send this along. We dont get any mail
now. It has been more than a week since
any came and I presume I shall not
get any more till I get back to the
regt which will be just before they
are ready to muster out.
Yours [illegible in original] E R Havens
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